Americans the best lovers!  

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Americans the best lovers!

Who would have thought that Americans make the best lovers! So much for the French and Italian men! I thought my hours of study and devotion to erotic technique would pay off, and now I am glad to accept the recognition. Thanks you ladies, I could not have developed this mastery without your able assistance and feedback! It may not take a village to raise a village, but a few good women definitely help! Perhaps I a need a Russian girlfriend, but Russian men are probably just prejudiced, as they always think everything Russian is better!

A poll by international dating and friendship site has destroyed many sexual stereotypes.

(PRWE October 15, 2004 -- A survey by CupidBay dot com revealed that 53% of individuals have had a lover of a different nationality.

The poll of 40,000 users of the dating and friendship Website, from 188 countries, highlighted the multicultural flavour of modern relationships. 85% of respondents said that they would have a relationship with a person of a different religion and over half had actually had lovers who originated from another country to their own.

Americans were perceived to be the best lovers, with 25% of users believing them to have the greatest bedroom prowess. Stereotypical Casanovas, the French and Italians; were beaten into fourth and five place respectively by Indians who came in second scoring 10%; and Russians who were rated third, with just over 5% of votes. There was a battle of the sexes in the Russian result as 95% of the respondents who voted Russians as the best lovers were male.

Lovers from Zimbabwe, Cuba and the Seychelles were among the countries, which received the lowest scores.

“These results certainly go against the clich├ęd responses we are used to seeing. I’m particularly surprised in the current social and political climate to see that so many people are embracing the idea of relationships with someone of a different religion,” said relationship guru, Francis Deacon. “The world is definitely getting smaller where love is concerned”.

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