Abortion oddities  

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1/23/2006 3:22 pm

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Abortion oddities

I find the abortion debate very strange. People seem to care about the poor baby in some unknown woman's uterus, yet so many people treat live humans walking around with rudeness, no respect and outright contempt. Why care so much about a lump of cells and treat live already conceived humans with so little love and compassion?

Some examples. I was trying to merge onto the freeway and a rude guy in an SUV refused to let me get into the lane for the freeway, then fought to pass me onto the freeway and then unsafely swerved around cars changing lanes erractically. Oddly about six miles down the road we got off at the same offramp and he was all of ten feet ahead of me for all his rude and unsafe driving.

How often do we observe contemptuous speech on AdultFriendFinder, rude behavior at sporting events and even contemptous and dishonest behavior at work, politics, and social events? So why all this pious concern for the unknown fetus when we treat each other, the living humans, so terribly?

How do we make the world a better place by forcing women to have babies they want to abort? I am not thrilled with abortions, but I also am not thrilled with the government telling women what they must do with the insides of their bodies. I also find it unacceptable that rich women can travel for abortions while those without the resources will be forced to have kids against their will. Sound like slavery or involuntary servitude. Will we imprison women who have a home made abortion? If a fetus is a child will we give a mother who aborts her child the death penalty? What if she has six other kids and cannot afford to feed another mouth? Will we imprison the doctor and nurse who help abort the baby? Or give them the death penalty too?

Perhaps we should use the incentives of capitalism and allow couples to buy babies. We let coal miners sell their lives for money. We let firefighters risk their lives for money. Perhaps we should let couples buy the babies that some women do not want to bring to term and that will avoid the abortion. Of course, they will only buy the nice healthy bright ones of the right gender and race, but at least some more babies will be born... Reality can be a very uncomfortable thing.

And if all life is sacred and precious why do people treat each other the way they do? Watch what people do, not what they say they do...

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