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3/2/2006 3:58 am

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"Capote" movie

I heard great reviews from friends about "Capote". All true! This movie does a fabulous job and Philip H. Seymour should win the Academy Award for best actor as he did the SAG award. Capote was a brillant and witty homosexual writer with a true gift for writing. His six year battle to write "In Cold Blood" is portrayed. This book is a masterpiece and should be read by everyone. I hesitated to read it for a few years, but recall it was a tremendous book.

The only criticism I have for the book and movie is the identification of Capote with Perry Smith, one of the loner artistic killers, is that Capote has more sympathy for him than the four decent normal Kansas victims killed. While I do not support the death penalty, I am willing to make an exception for these clearly guilty criminals who killed four members of a family in an unprovoked botched robbery that netted them about $50.

I did not realize Capote was friends with Harper Lee who wrote "To Kill a Mockingbird" one of the all time American classic novels and perhaps the best American movie of the last fifty years.

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