Trying to recreate that sexual INTENSITY???  

redman05_1957 59M/59F
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6/25/2005 11:48 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Trying to recreate that sexual INTENSITY???

We used to swing but due to some issues, she has lost her interest and the intensity that was in our sex lives.

I recently moved us to a new state for a return to education. She was not thrilled with the idea but came with hesitation. She misses her friends. I have asked her to go ahead and invite them up but with little success.

I am trying to get us to meet other people that have some of our old interests and new faces that we might befriend and be able to enjoy new experiences.

I am hoping that we could find a couple that would be interested in meeting us and hopefully a fem friend that would able to keep up a friendship with my most important half.

Any Ideas on how to combine these hopes and make them come to fruition???

Puurple_Passions 46M/39F
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6/25/2005 12:34 pm

hmmmm.. well, before you get back into any swinging you might want to try getting that intensity and passion back between the two of you alone first. If you do that she might become interested in the other again. Maybe try courting her all over again? Like dating? Plan special surprises for her... i.e. Romanic dinner and a stay at a nice hotel for the weekend or even just a night. Leave little things like leaving for her to find little pendants/necklace (they don't have to be expensive, just nice and match her taste) or a bracelet.. where once a week leave a new little charm to add to the bracelet inside a romantic card. Or best of all, sweet love notes, secret surprise phone calls that take an erotic turn. Start a journal for her to read daily/weekly where you write about her, little things that you've noticed about her that day, your feelings on loving her, past memories of erotic/passionate times you've had together, or write about your love and the passion that you feel for her and why, and erotic fantasies. I know it seems like alot. But you might find yourself having fun with things like this, and enjoy the joy of seeing her discover all these new things. She'll love the fact that you're being romanitc and thoughtful and that effort will pay off. My husband did some of these things for me a few years ago. Totally renewed many things in our relationship. It worked for us, and it might work for you as well to regain passion and intensity. I don't know....Just a thought. best of luck!!

redman05_1957 59M/59F

6/30/2005 10:14 am

Thanks for your ideas! I will be giving a couple of your ideas a try to see if they will reignite her romantic interest! I will still see if we can meet some folks to add new interests and maybe spark up some friendships as well. I will try to keep up on this blog and let you know what happens....

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