wet and wild  

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2/23/2006 8:36 am

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wet and wild

OK so you've probably guessed by now that I am an exhibitionist so it really turns me on to do it places where I can get caught. Also you already know I go swimming on a Tuesday. Well here's a story that binds those two together:

My BF and I had just got out of the swimming pool after a good, long, energetic swim and, as you do, we went and had a shower. Unfortunately all the private shower cubicles were taken causing us to use the public ones. I didn't do anything out in the public ones before anyone asks. So we're all showered off and clean the suddenly the idea pops up "how about using the family sized cubicles?" so we go to dry ourselves off in one of these massive family sized cubicles. So I start to take my Bikini off to dry myself, I don't own a swimming costume, when suddenly my BF comes up and grabs me from behind and tells me in a quiet voice to bend over. OK I knew this was coming but it still shocked me slightly. Anyway he takes me from behind in the cunt then we switch around and I'm there my back against the wall and him pressing against me, I like being pressed up against walls, and takes me roughly in the cunt again. I don't know how long we carried on for but anyone could have broken into that cubicle, the doorlocks pop open if someone bumps into the door and the doors and walls are kinda flimsy, or looked over the top but it was the best way I've ever dried off after swimming ever. Luckily no one heard us, there were no cameras in there and when my BF's cum leaked out of my cunt it went onto the towel, so we walked out fully dressed and looking perfectly innocent but it does make me wonder what would have happened if we had got caught

djhwty_sinner 45M/29F

2/23/2006 1:01 pm

Just to add a little more detail here, her face goes a lovely pink when she's trying not to scream as she comes.

And I don't know if it's the single sexiest thing a woman can say to her man, but "No, not in the arse, you know I can't help squealing if you do!" is definitely in the top five.

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