Wild Hot Passionate Love  

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2/6/2006 12:37 pm

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Wild Hot Passionate Love

As I put my arms around your neck. I kiss your lips gently. I get a chill down my spine. As I always do when I kiss your lips. I slowly take all of your clothes off, and kiss every inch of your body.

You then take all of my clothes off of me, and kiss every inch of my body. Then I lay you across the bed. I start kissing the back of your neck, as I know this drives you insane with desire for me.

I move my lips to your ears and I breath in your ear. This makes you want me right away. But oh no I then move my lips to your breast suckling on one and then the other,

I move on down a little lower to kiss your stomach, moving lower still I kiss and lick your pussy, and you moan and say "Oh Yes, Yes, Yes" calling out my name after each Yes.

Then you push me back on the pillow and you start at the back of my neck slowly kissing me there, moving your lips over to my ear.

Moving your lips slowly down my side, I start to squirm while you move your lips ever so slowly to my erected area, putting your lips over it and sucking on it.

I push you over on your back and I begin to make wild hot passionate love to you. Afterwards we lay there in each others arms, and we fall asleep both with smiles on our faces.


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