La Petit Mort  

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2/6/2006 12:31 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

La Petit Mort

The French call an orgasm "La petite mort" which is "small death". I want to feel that small death with someone so I may feel that sense of resurrection.

I was in real death's hands 2 times in my life and it has become fulfilling to resurrect.

I want to tell u how much I love life. I want to tell u how much I want to live for life so I can live for love.

My dream of my first encounter with my new lover must be much pleasure for my new lover. I want her to focus on her own pleasure. Never mind me. Forget me. I want her to become selfish and the first encounter is only going to be about her.
I want to begin with head-to-toe kissing, and for her to lie back and focus on every sensation, savoring the feeling of her body being fully cherished. I would want her to show me what she wants, less tongue and a stronger touch or maybe more tongue and a gentle touch. I want her to lie back and not to touch my erected cock while it swings loose while I move around giving her pleasure. I want her to have her mouth closed while my balls hang over her face and my erected cock stares into her eyes. She will not be allowed to touch me because its not about me. And it will only delay the "La petite mort" as a punishment for touching. My erected dripping cock will swing from side to side, giving me balance, while I move around exploring and cherishing her body. If she followed all the rules, then she will be allowed to feel me in her love tunnel. She and I will feel the deepest passion of r lives together before we "La petite mort" and then we should both resurrect to only think, when we shall resurrect once again.


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