Never A Dull Moment  

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10/7/2005 9:27 am

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Never A Dull Moment

One needs a certain frame of mind to create. The procreative state of mind is in close proximity and both are strong urges in me. I've always been painfully shy and this has sometimes lead to frustration. To most it seems to me the art of picking up and seducing women comes natural. Not saying here my mating practices are unnatural but then neither is my method of living so much conventional though I do have a sacred space for that.This space is basically free, a free atmosphere and environment. I live on a old farm, the barn has faln down a couple yers ago but the house is still intact. There is room to romp here. I have 2 neighbors, a redneck upstairs who likes to play drums and a young couple nextdoor whose in luv. We all share this house but we don't live together and I got my studio set up and when I work I like to turn my music up loud and get into and the neighbors don't mind. Their cool. Since the liitle mishap of last year (see DU I must curtail my imbibing, completely actually. I have on occassion enjoyed a glass of wine at home or a pitcher of beer at the club during Monday Night Football but now I am not to buy or possess it at all.

It matters. Under no circumstances will I get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. Absolutely not. Some people drink, I know and that is alright with me for the most part. The last time I drank to get drunk was when Lucinda blew doors, and I got a DUI then. That was in June of '04. I learned my lesson. You know you see those signs everywhere stating DUI YOU CAN'T AFFORD but you think it will never happen to you, I'm a respnsible driver. Hey, I never had an accident and I got pulled over for a missing brakelight. If it ever happens again I will lose my license for a whole year or more and go to jail. I can't afford that. They really put it to you and there ar no warnigs. I'm payin' a heavy price right now. So keep that in mind

So when I start dating I want to date responsibaly.

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