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10/7/2005 10:03 am

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My Job

What I do. If you read the rest of my blog here you will gather that I am some kind of artist. That is true. Currently I am working at home and would like to continue to do so but that depends on my funding and currently my "case" is up for review. If found worthy I will have financial support until the next review, but it is tricky business. One literally has to sell their soul to these people who make these decissions and I hate doing that because it s just a bunch of bullshit and lies andI hate bullshit and lies. I have worked as a framer in the past and I am a certified framer. I like framing entirely but I'd much rather be working for myself on original material than picking out nice and fancy colors for P. Buckley Moss prints for somebody else. Don't get me wrong, I do love it for the most part.]/color]

At home I have several things set up so I can stay busy and active. The only draw back is I am kinda isolated here and by myself all the time. Hmmm. I could stand to get out more if you know what I mean. Painting is kind of an independant and personal thing. You don't here of too many joint paintings or group paintings. It would be REALLY NICE to have a mate like for inspiration and feedback and stuff. With Lucinda I tried to do the domestic thing and wasn't painting. Not that I missed it totally. I was ok with making that sacrifice and commitment for our togetherness and happiness but she wouldn't make any herself and that is what ultimately split us apart. Marriage is about comprimise and sacrifice and I was willing to go the whole ten yards and I did but wham it just hits you in the face sometimes and what are you left with?

And what are you supposed to do?

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