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10/7/2005 10:48 am

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I'm building up a nice library at home and enjoy a range of musical entertainment. I bought a CD changer last year that holds 300 discs and I already have it filled up. Current listening faves include a local band called Lucid Dreamer. This is Chris Davis, who I've known for years and Stacey Young, both from York. There music is hard to describe. Kinda folky/newage/hippyish but at the same time rocknroll and pop. Great harmonies, really good songs and a great state of the art production wih sampling and programming and high tech stuff. An interesting mix with their accoustic base of guitar flutes and drums. I highly recommend hearing these guys at least once. I was with them doing lights and helping on gigs back when they were first starting out and calling themselves Private Heaven. That's been awhile ago though I've known and worked and played with Chris going WAYBACK to the mid to early 70s. Now THAT'S going way back! Really and truly though, not just because he is a friend, Chris is one of the best keyboard players and musicians I ever heard anywhere. And what a singer!!! Chris is a really cool guy, real laid back and mellow, a homesteader and he has been doing it for awhile. Check out their last release Paranormal Picnic if you can. It's ben out for awhile.

Just got on CD the reissue of the BrianEno/JohnCale collaboration WrongWayUp. Two of my favorite recording artists on one rare collaboration. Spinning Away is one of my all time favorite tunes.

Also with that order from Amazon I picked up an obscure gem from the 70s by a shortlived Italian prog band Il Volo. Music on the lines of early Genesis and ELP and Yes. There were several of these Italian prog bands. PFM comes to mind. I enjoy them for their orchestral rock elements and all the vocals are Latin, the language of romance. Some really beautiful music and songs here.

When I'm feeling blue or need me a pick me up I put in some Todd, the old standby and my favorite singalong artist.

I also been listening to Flamenco lately and Gypsie music and this past weekend it was so nice and I was feeling happy and just feeling free around here so I put on my 100AllTimeGreatestHitsFromTheBigTop (think elephants and clowns) and just had a good time here by myself.

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