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9/26/2005 6:14 pm

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It Happened to Me Today


Picking up the pieces.

Lucinda took more than the furnishings and possessions of the home we were making together.

Got my license back a week ago. I have been careering....


actually known Cindy since the early to mid eighties when we were lovers then for a time, and then again. She betrayed me then by running off and when our paths crossed again in the fall of 98 I hoped that was water over the dam. The last time I had seen her was in '83 and since that time she had married and divorced

her first husband. I should have run the other way.
In '98 I was living on my own in a singleroom efficiencey working parttime as a framer while trying to develop an inspiration and style of painting at home. It was at this time also that I first started discovering the WWW and internet. I had just finished 4 years of art studies and was now working in the field. Computer Graphics
was one of the courses I took so I was drawn to learning hypertext markup language and web development. I ran into Cindy while shopping at the SuperMart where she was working.
We chatted in a friendly matter, she called, we got together, dated, ended up screwing and by the next
year I was moved in with her.She expressed interest in marriage early in the relationship and most sincerely I was desiring a mate as even I am now. We lived together peacefully 3 years when I thought to proceed with marriage. We settled on August at vacation time of that year. After the first year the happy honeymoon was over. She had some health problems and was bonded on an insurence policy which was paying her but that ran out after we got married. This I did not realize until a month into the marriage. She could not work and I was doing everything I could to take care of her. She would be eligable for for I'll begin by telling you that my dearly beloved wife up and split on me hardly a year into the marriage. That was right before the X-mas of '03. She left me reeling and up to date

I have been single again, and blue.

Enough of that! I am getting back on my feet as they say and trying to get past all that. Didn't expect to be in this situation now. In my past I was something of a wildman but had settled down in the years before hooking up with Cindy. I'm 47 now and the old life of chasing women in bars and nightclubs for a one night stand just doesn't have the same appeal it once did. This way seems like it could be better, cleaner, sober. Not that I'm not into partying at all but would rather maybe party with someone I have already met than try to meet someone that way.Needless to say, I live by myself now and it's no fun. We sha

red an old farmhouse in a pretty private location in the country which she emptied when she left. She's gone, I'm still here. Nothing like starting over. Don't know where this may lead but I have no attatchments or commitments. Looking for......
.....a breath of fresh air, a nice person, a diversion, an interest, a muse, a friend, a rendezvous, a date, an escape.So about me then. Vitals 6'4" (tall) 220# (reasonably fit) fairly handsome, not overly endowed at about 7"- very nice, cut, clean and I know what to do with it and know what you like. Am active and creative, enjoy lots of foreplay, kissing, licking, touching, am very oral, and love to satisfy, love to cuddle, love to give sensual erotic messages and am skilled at it, I'm an artist and I work with my hands, love to enjoy all of you, all of your body and make love to your soul. Would like to find the right interest ; may like to try more.I always show you a good time regardless.Socially I am more passive than in private but I am always considerate and nice, pleasing. I was brought up well! I would enjoy dating and going out as well as time alone and to ourselves. Since I am starting anew there aren't too many rules. I know you can give me something to think about and look forward to rather than this empty bed and apartment and broken spirit.Drop me a line and let's see what our bad selves are up to.

Afndy left I went on a soge, a binge of agony. I ended up having a minor dri accident and DUI citation. That was last June. They finally got around to pulling license for 30 days this past Tuesda I am sort of grounded for right noPart of my sentence was 35 hours of communservice so I joined Passion. No! I actually to make Halloween Trick or Tags for kids so today I was at a pr supply house buying plain per bags with handles and tomorrow will be hitting the crafttores for colored constructio\\n paper and stencils and neaff like that. Tha give me something to do bes veg out on the web all daI'm kinda stuck here for now. t I do know one thing for sure, I won't be driving to theany more in the future or home from parties, I can't afford it, 2nd offense is up to a year suspension and 30 days jail time. No thanks. I'll keep it off the road. When I'm painting (playing) I enjoy a glass of wine. It helps get me loose and in the mood and goes well with the spirits and elixers I use in my work. Like I said, I have a good time. I crank up the stereo and let it all hang out! I really get into my work. Where would I be without my music? I listen to everything from Abba to AC/DC to Frank Zappa to Frank Sinatra, Classical, some Jazz, and other different stuff like the Chieftons and World Music.

Blog Away the Blues

Well I am doing this as one continues blog and updating as I go along. I suppose I should become a charter member of Passion soon and start contacting some of you lovely singles now that I have a blog! I guess I have brought you up to speed on just where I am at in my love life. If I can think of anything else I will add it but rather I would like to write to you personally and spend some time getting to know you and sharing ideas and dreams. Take care and do say hello for I would like to talk to you. 8o]

Hang iN there!!!

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