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5/15/2006 6:31 pm

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creepy spooky stuff

The site seems to be possessed today since they updated stuff. I can't get into posts on the magazine (ok that's actually kind of funny considering my rant a few days ago) but I think it let me into somebody else's network album. I didn't actually click in to look at the pictures. Normally I would have snooped at 1 (or 10), but just not in the perving mood today. I'm sure if everyone is experiencing the same AdultFriendFinder I am today, many albums have been seen.

I didn't gather my laundry in time to go to the laundromat I like, so I'll probably end up dressing like a crazy forest-dwelling hermit for work tomorrow in whatever clean clothes I can scrounge. And I wasn't planning to do that until 20 years from now, when I become a crazy forest dwelling hermit.

Now may you be peacefully tired (& bored) enough to fall asleep tonight, my random friends in blogville...heheh

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