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8/23/2006 3:25 pm

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a whole new world

Whole new world

On the way home from work today, as I was driving and thinking about all the fun, depraved things I was planning on doing with B later tonight, I started to think
I started to think about how our lives have changed over the past couple of months, and how our participation in AdultFriendFinder is big part of the reasons. Over the past couple of months, not only have we grown as a couple, but we have also grown as individuals.

Our participation in AdultFriendFinder has allowed me to finally be totally myself. In the AdultFriendFinder world, a Bi male is not something that is looked down on, or though less of. I am free to discuss not only my love of pussy, but also my love for cock. I have been able to freely admit that I like to be fucked in the ass, and feel confident that it will not make a difference. This has in turn allowed me to become more confident in myself, in many many other areas of my life, and has allowed me to be myself.

I am not talking for B here, just making my observations. Over the past couple of months, B has become a much more vibrant and sexy women. The attention that she has received from both males and females, has allowed her to begin to believe that she is the incredibly sexy and beautiful woman that I have always seen her as. This is something that I had always tried to let her know, but I don’t think she ever fully believed until recently. And that confidence in herself is a wonderful thing to see, and be a part of.

Together B and I have found a world where we can both be ourselves, and not have to worry about how others see us. It has given us a new world of friendships ( C, R, T and C, R and M to name a few) with people who think similarly to us, and if they don’t fully agree with us, they accept us for who we are. Together we are finding new things that we like, and new things that we want to try, and and becoming more sexually fulfilled and finding ways to satisfy each other in new and exciting ways.

We joined AdultFriendFinder to brighten out sex lives and bring new thrills into our bedroom. And let me tell we have. WE have watched people, have had many people watch us (which we love by the way), done new things, explored our sexuality together and separately in new and exciting ways, and just basically been two very sexual beings for the past couple months who can never get enough of each other. I spend every day at work thinking of nothing else but getting home and seeing our two adorable wonderful kids, and then getting naked and kinky with my wife (which has been our routine for months now, and our desire to be together only gets worse every day, I think if we could we would lock ourselves away and do nothing but play with each other constantly). And I know she thinks the same. So here’s to being the sexual being we were all meant to be, taking off all those layers of reservations and societal limitations, and learning that pleasure is a wonderful thing that should be actively sought out and enjoyed. I fully intend to continue to find new and exciting wasy to both pleasure my wife and myself. And let me tell you there is nothing sexier than two people who are committed to giving everything they can to each other, and ensuring that they are both treuly satisfied and spent.

elysianpleasure 47M

8/24/2006 4:16 am

I am glad this site has worked so well for you both on so many dimensions. I think for many of us it has been a place to learn, grow, and become more of ourselves at many levels.

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