Me and the Boys!  

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7/29/2006 5:40 pm

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9/7/2006 5:17 pm

Me and the Boys!

Well, who'd of thunk it! When I came on AdultFriendFinder with S, sharing me with another man was something that we were positive would never happen...or I should say I was positive I would never do or want to do. Woops...guess I was wrong.

When we first started chatting with M, I was positive that I would probably look like an ass, because all my big talk would have been just that, TALK. I was flirting like mad, and when the time came I knew I would chicken out. S kept telling me, "It's up to you sweetie." Great thanks...know what the fuck do I DO!!!!!

Well, we invited M over, actually I should say, I said, "Tell him to come over!" Thinking the whole time he would never come over.....Woops I was wrong, again!

To my surprise and delight, when M arrived it was ME, unsure, all talk, little ole me that made the first move!!!!!

I called S over to me and began sucking his cock and the rest as they sadly history!

The evening entailed much oral sex, mm and mf. Let me tell you it was incredibly sexy to see S with M's big cock in his mouth. I have to say however that my favorite part of the evening was the one i lease expected. S and I in the 69, sucking and licking each other, while M filled my pussy from behind.

My two biggest fears for this swapping experience were how does it get started and how does it end and not feel ackward.....I am happy to say that both went smoothly. I was able to break the ice at the beginning and after we were done, we chatted about life and laughed about life. It was great.

I am proud of me, I am excited for the next time.....we already know who we want to be with...and can't wait, as he is great. Now that I am over my fears and have some confidence with out world...her i come...i mean cum! Ha Ha! {=}

Goodgirlthinking 40F

7/30/2006 5:44 am

Wooow WOoooow
B That is amazing, i have read it 3x and havent gotten tired of it. WOW... . Hope to see you soon


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