A Roller Coaster of a Week...and its only Tuesday  

readyinlowell2 50M/41F
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8/22/2006 7:46 pm
A Roller Coaster of a Week...and its only Tuesday

Every notice that life very rarely stays on an even keel....there is always something there to rock the boat, and throw you off balance.

That is the story of my life, just when I think I have stuff figured out, or have gotten things to sail smoothly, something always comes along to throw me off.

Today I let some things at work get to me. I let someone who shouldn't bother me shake my tree, and get under my skin, and as I sit her tonight thinking about life and things that really matter, I am frustrated that I let her get to me.
I am frustrated that I let her take up that much space in my life and in my brain, when I could have used that time to make think about all the great people in my life to make me feel special.

I need to remember in the moment to not let people like her take up space in my brain, and in the moment, stop and think and reflect on the people that I want to occupy my brain. That I want to think about and who bring smiles to my face when I do.

I think if we all did a bit more of that, we would live much happier lives. I just hope that I am that happy thought for people, because I am so thankful and grateful to the people who are my happy thoughts.

To those people, I send out lots of love, hugs, kisses and well......whatever other sexual fantasy would make me your happy thoughts on those meloncholy days!

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