Very nice dream...  

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11/30/2005 6:16 pm

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Very nice dream...

I awake to find myself flush and breathing heavy. My body still tingling from the intimate party for 2 that I just had in my sleep...

It's not our first meeting; we have known each others bodies before. We have talked at great lengths of how we each like to be touched, out fantasies, our realities, our desires.

We find ourselves back in another motel room. He turns down the bed and takes off his coat, while I make my way to the bathroom. I arrive in his line of sight wearing a black negligee. I walk straight to the bed and lay down, propped up against a pillow, waiting for him.

He doesn't make me wait. He is there immediately, kissing me before I even know it. I feel his hands against my face, my neck, and my arms. He caresses my breasts, my hips. His hands make their way to my ass pulling me close to him.

His kisses find my neck, my weak spot...I can't help but let out a moan. He kisses the tops of my breasts which are exposed by the low cut gown I am wearing. He works his way down my stomach as he raises the gown to expose my already wet pussy.

He teases me...kissing all around me...tempting my clit and the wet folds of my pussy lips. His fingers tease me also...barely touching me. In some ways this seems like torture to me...but in others, it is heightening the sensations...increasing the intensity.

He finally gives me one long hard lick from top to bottom. I almost explode.

What follows is a combination of his tongue, his lips, and his fingers, along with my moaning, my cumming, and eventually my pleading him to fuck me.

When he senses that I really NEED to fuck, he lays on the bed next me. I straddle him, reverse cowgirl. My hands on his legs, leaning just enough forward that he can play with my ass as I fuck him.

With his finger in my ass, and me riding his hard cock, I cum hard, soaking him beneath me. I then raise up from him, back up, and slide up against his face. As he again starts to lick me, I lay against him...sucking him and tasting myself all over his cock.

After licking him clean and him doing the same for me...I crawl forward again. This time I am on all fours before him. I look back at him and tell him to fuck me hard. He reaches up to slap my ass once or twice, and then graciously complies.

He fucks me hard and strong. I can feel his cock swelling inside me. I look over my shoulder and smile, through my heavy breathing and moans I tell him to fill me with his hot cum. He knows that I love the feel of it, and he explodes immediately...the heat of cum inside me instantly sets me off again and my orgasm coincides with his.

We collapse on the bed. He softly strokes me until my breath returns to normal and the flush red on my chest goes away. We talk and rest. He gently kisses me, the kiss reminds us both that these meetings we seem to be having lately were a long time in coming and we are both making the best of the time we have together.

I wake up still tingling, my sheets are soaked and my head still spinning....

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