Quickie at the Rest Area  

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1/1/2006 9:02 pm

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Quickie at the Rest Area

I pull into the rest area off of the highway and park behind you. I slide out of my car and into the backseat of yours, you are there waiting for me.

I take my coat off and place it over into the front seat. I am wearing only a night gown. You lean over and place your hand along the side of face and begin to kiss me...your hand slides down my throat to my breast to my hip and in what seems like only seconds your fingers are inside of me.

I am dripping wet already, I have been anticipating this on my drive to meet you. I lean back and let your fingers work their magic on me. In no time at all you have me cumming multiple times. This is why I drove out here to meet you...relief from the days stress and sexual frustration of our on line chat.

We spend a couple moments letting me catch my breath and talking. I lean in to kiss you while you unzip your pants and pull your cock out...you are as anxious to cum as I was. We both realize that we are along the highway and must not take too much time at the risk of being 'caught', but I must suck you first. I want to taste you before I ride you.

You watch the cars and trucks passing us as I take you into my mouth...I feel your hand on my back and then in my hair...gently pulling and tugging.

I then straddle you...facing you...my hands behind me on your knees. As I start to work my hips...I can tell you won't last long. My hips grind against you and I whisper to you that I want you come for me. I want you to fill me.

You almost immediately shoot inside me. I sit still for a second...let you enjoy the feeling of having just cum and relax a bit. I tense my pevic muscles as I rise off of you...a feeling that is very intense for you...and sends a shudder through your body...but ensures that the cum stays in me insteading of dripping back on you.

We kiss good night, it is late and we both must be up early. Half way home...I start to relax...seems the 'wet spot' will be all over my nightgown and car seat this time...LOL

AnEdinburghGuy05 38M
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1/2/2006 9:51 am

Well...I guess that's why the call it a Service Station!

I love posts like this!


AnEdinburghGuy05 38M
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1/2/2006 9:52 am

Sorry! that smiley should have been
(I read it wrong of the chart!)

cincicreampie 45M

1/2/2006 5:41 pm

Yet another wonderful post! Mmmmm...rest areas....lol

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