Make her cum 'till she CRIES...  

ready4you96147 51F
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12/29/2005 11:43 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Make her cum 'till she CRIES...

OK, question for the ladies...or the men if you have seen it.

Tonight I was with a friend, one that I THOUROUGHLY ENJOY on about a weekly basis

Anyway, this certain man can make me cum harder and stronger and more intense than I ever have in my life.

Tonight, I came so hard that I actually had tears streaming down my face afterward.

Now, I will admit to having been under a great deal of personal stress this past it possible that the stresses in my life actually had a part in such an extreme physical release? Because I certainly wasn't thinking of all that as I was recovering...or hell, maybe subconciously I was???

Who has experienced this? What was it like for you?

AngieCake2 42F

12/30/2005 2:47 am

I strongly believe that your stresses over the past week played a great part in such a release. Don't get me wrong the fact that he obviously knew how to handle his business helped out alot

I have had a similar experience after having a stressfull week or whatever, and when I got the opportunity to get with my partner and just let him fuck me every which way he could think of, the feeling of extreme relaxation that came after I came made me feel as if nothing else in the world mattered.

Some people write, some people scream, some people do kickboxing. What ever floats your boat. I personally prefer a mindblowing orgasm to relieve stress.

Either way, that is a friend you should definitely keep.

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