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Welcome and thanks to those of you that are reading and posting comments.

Here is a little story/fantasy to get your juices flowing a little bit...let me know what you think...

I meet you for dinner. We laugh and talk and share some time together. This time always means a lot to me, our friendship means a lot to me and our time spent in a setting like this only adds to the fun that we have when we are alone together.

We eat, talk and flirt unmercifully. We both occasionally throw out thoughts that we are having about what we are going to do when we get done here and get to a room alone. You tell me the thoughts that pop into your head about taking me right there in the restaurant.

You ask me if I noticed the man sitting across from us at the bar. I hadn’t, my focus was on you, but I notice him now. He is attractive, very nice looking. You tell me that he is there to meet me. Puzzled and a little excited, I ask you what you have been up to.

You tell me that if I want him to, he will come over and sit and get to know us a little bit, then if all goes well he is willing to go back to the room with us. “What if he comes over and I don’t like him?” You assure me that it is totally up to me, tonight is about fulfilling my fantasy and that you will send him away if I don’t like him.

Well, hell, ok then! You nod for him to join us. He comes over and introduces himself. Apparently you two have either met or at least chatted before. We chit chat a little…he seems ok. He excuses himself for a few minutes and we talk. I give you the ‘ok’ and we get ready to go. As we are leaving we meet up with him and as I go out to the car, you tell him to follow us.

The 3 of us get to the room, I am nervous and you can tell. We talk for a couple minutes, and then you reach for me and start to kiss me. This immediately relaxes me. He sits back and watches as we kiss. I get so lost in your lips and mouth that I hardly notice you beginning to undress me, and I give no thought to the man watching us. You completely undress me, kissing me and touching me, my excitement builds with each touch.

Our new friend has undressed himself in the background and I feel his touch on my leg. He begins to kiss and caress me. His mouth finds its way to my breast. You step away to get undressed yourself while he takes over. Before long I have 2 sets of hands on me and 2 mouths. I am lost in the pleasure of the moment.

It doesn’t seem to matter whose fingers are inside me, whose mouth is on my breast, whose mouth is kissing me. All I know that those fingers inside me are causing me to cum for the first time tonight…I moan loudly.

I position myself between your legs; I begin to kiss the insides of your thighs. His hands are softly moving over my back, a firm touch, but not harsh, he has soft hands like yours and they feel good against my skin. He begins to caress my ass, he kisses the small of my back and I rise up to my knees giving him access to my now soaking wet pussy.

My kisses on your thigh have now become licks around the head of your cock. I and licking and kissing your cock, licking and sucking you balls. I can tell that he is positioning himself to enter me from behind and I moan before he even gets there. I look up at you and smile, you are smiling too. You look to him and nod.

I feel his hands on my hips a stronger grip this time, I take all of your now throbbing cock into my mouth, then in one deep thrust he is so far inside me that I my moan vibrates your cock inside my mouth.

I begin to suck and stroke you with my mouth, enjoying the taste of you, knowing that you are watching me going slowly up and down on you. Your hands are caressing the sides of my face and my neck and shoulders. I love your soft touch.

He is fucking me, strong and firm, but not rough. My strokes on your cock match the steady tempo of him sliding in and out of me.

As his speed picks up so does mine, the tempo builds, the intensity builds…I feel your fingers on my scalp, then grasping my hair. I am stroking you hard and loving the taste of your precum dripping into my mouth.

He is now pounding me hard and you are ready to cum…your hands take the side of my face firmly, as if to tell me to slow down…I raise my mouth off of you and lay my head between your stomach and your thigh, next to your still throbbing cock that needs to take a minute so you don’t cum.

My hands are holding your thighs, your hips, your arms…any place I can grab as he is now fucking me hard and strong. Your hands are touching me, rubbing my arms, touching the side of my face, your fingers grabbing my hair again.

I am breathing so heavy and my heart is pounding loud enough to almost be heard. I am moaning constantly as he fucks me, holding onto you while he slams against me. He explodes inside me, his fingers digging into my hips.

As his strokes start to slow and he begins to pull out, I take you back into my mouth…making sure that you are good and hard for me.

I climb on top of you, bend over to kiss you, I kiss your lips, your neck, your nipples. Then I sit straight up and begin to ride you. My hips are slowly grinding into you, your hands squeezing my breast. My movements against your cock get faster, I push harder against you. I can tell that you are ready to explode, I am too…I want to cum with you. I want to feel that burst of hot cum just as I cum.

You are ready and you look into my eyes and tell me to cum. Instantly I burst, as do you, I scream out from the intensity of the feeling so deep inside me. I keep grinding into you until I know you are finished. Then I collapse onto your chest to breathe for a minute. I feel you slide out of me as I roll to lie next to you.

Our new friend is on the other side of me; he has been watching us while regaining his own strength.

cincicreampie 45M

12/10/2005 10:06 pm


Very nice! Great set up too - it leads us exactly where you want.

I like the ending, of course.

Keep it up!

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