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1/11/2006 7:02 pm

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Hello all!! Entering this new year, I'm looking to "RAISE THE BAR" as to the kind of women/men I associate with.I've wasted enough of my 37 years being involved in the sub/street-culture of drugs;gangs;crime&the like.I have NOTHING to lose sharing of myself like this online& just looking to get as much feed-back as I can?!There's a HUGE difference between a "RELATIONSHIP" involving 1or2 ADDICTS as apposed to a relationship between 2 clean& sober individuals.Unfortunately for me,I haven't a CLUE as to how REGULAR ;EMPLOYED;NON-FELON;SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE;CLEAN & SOBER people relate & get to know each other?!I've been married twice& both were addicts.Obviusly neither worked out or lasted?!Being back among the clean&sober/trying to function world now for 2 years ,I've finally figured out that if I want different results/people/relationships in my life a have to start DOING different things!?i.e.Using down time at home doing things like THIS!!!!

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1/11/2006 7:56 pm

good luck with all of it. Let your mind wander and release the creativity that was blocked by your past

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