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1/28/2006 1:16 am

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Hi there, well where do I start ? I have heard women who squirt when there really excited or now and then. BUT to have someone do it all the time ? She said its only happened a few times before and I believe her but now it happens ALL the time which gave the male ego a real boost and was enjoying it with real surprise. Sometimes when she's on top I have to put my hand on my belly shielding myself without her seeing as it gets me everytime YES in the face (Well that's a different turn around from us blowing in there face.) First it was a turn on but now it sought of puts me off as sometimes it smells like she has pissed on me and the colour was the same ! The other day we were doing it slowly as if you read my other biog you will know she was involved in me braking my old fellow Oh the pain its only been four weeks after the surgery and that's why we were going slow and I had her spread her lips apart while I was entering and the she was coming again so I pulled out as it hurts to push against it while my boy is still under recovery anyway there it was again this time I saw her piss hole wide open as she had herself spread and as I pulled out it squirted straight up in the air that far that it got her in the FACE hah I said to myself. She just laughed. So has anyone experience someone squirting so much ? Talk about wet patch we have to put down towels down when we run out of sheets to replace wet ones. And now I have to replace my matrice from it being soaked . Don't know what to do as I like pleasing her maybe put down plastic before we go for it ? Still it does put me off at times .

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2/3/2006 5:31 am

Squirt Curiocity ?????????????

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