I don't Play nice in the sandbox...or are aggressive women appreciated only in bed?  

rbestgurl 55F
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10/31/2005 5:35 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I don't Play nice in the sandbox...or are aggressive women appreciated only in bed?

A RANT...maybe not complete thoughts...no, they are not...but this could be a series....

Aggressive behavior is not appreciated in women...especially in the workplace...well maybe if you name is Martha...and look where that got her...laughing all the way to the bank and a free trip to a poor girls weight reduction spa!

Okay, I will be the first person to admit that I am not a girly-girl. I have always been athletic, outdoorsy and really, a tom-boy.

I didn't start wearing makeup until I was in college. Mom wasn't into the shopping thing...I played sports and worked and didn't really understand or learn girl code. I camped while other girls were slumber partying, practicing with eyeliner and french kissing their pillows or, each other (STOP!!). So I guess I missed the girl training.

At neighborhood get togethers you would find me either with the guys, if they would have me or stealing glances to the male bonding corner wishing I was there instead of comparing brands of pantyhose and talking about the latest breakthrough in measles vaccines for the kids. No mistaking…I am a great mom and I will be the first to talk about my child and his accomplishments....I am blessed with a boy/man! I remember calling my mom when we found out I was pregnant, crying…

Me#x201D;what if it’s a girl; I know how to throw softballs, not tea parties”.
Mom: “ah….”

Mom was girly

As I read this now, I see something infinitely wrong with that brief conversation…I should maybe have rejoiced in the fact that it would have been a girl…an Olympic- medalist-in-softball-girl….hmmm, another blog to consider…

I like guys, men, boys...and not just in the biblical sense! I know what you are thinking...knock it off! I like the way men possess themselves...the way they discuss things...granted it's not always deep...but have you ever been within earshot of a bunch of women at a bar? MEOW!!!!

I like the fact that they don’t read too much into anything and don’t really hold a grudge. You get mad, break your buddies’ nose and move on. Guys have this wonderful friend code…no matter what nasty habits, manner of dress, political view, choice in women, etc…they remain friends…

So, this actually brings me to my point…the guy code. Specifically the guy code in the workplace and office politics…I want the handbook and I want it now…

How can a woman who has played sports all her life, parlay that team spirit, camaraderie, leadership and experience into the office…I’ve studied men, admired men, been mentored by men, and slept with men (oops, how did that get in here?). So how does one parlay all of that knowledge into success and bring the other women with her?

Working smart and hard...!


10/31/2005 8:10 pm

I could not have said it better myself. i`d rather be with the guys too, was a tomboy for many years, still would rather hang around the guys

hotandhorny107 58F

10/31/2005 9:54 pm

Same here. Not that I was a tomboy or sports oriented, but with 2 brothers and not girls in the neighborhood when I grew up, I was destined to play with the boys most of the time. Therefore I learned to relate to them much better. And it is still that way. My best friends are male and I can talk about anything with them. However work is different. It is all women and I don't play well with them. It has held me back in the job, since I speak my mind and am direct and to the point. I won't kiss anyones ass and the female boss does not like that, but I am not about to pretend to be something I am not.

rm_ellsondavi2 42M
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11/18/2005 5:57 am

Wow, I am really impressed. The fact that you're inquiring, and have acknowledged our code is amazing. So I'll share some of our secrets with you. Hmmmm..... ao I take the intellectual route with a little flair, or go straight to it. I think I'll go straight to it.

1) All men know about the "men's code" instinctively.
2) Many don't know how to use it effectively if at all.
3) A major premise of the code is "Conquer". We always usually think 'Conquer'.
4) Any man who is or has "Conquered" is automatically admired by other men even if it's not stated.
5) And real men will instantly come to the aid of another man who has demonstrated that he has or is capable of "conquering".
6) The pursuit of "conquering" women elevates any male to a higher status in the eyes of other men.
7) Men view any man who has slept with a lot of women as 'a stud' or 'king'.
Alot of Men view any woman who has slept with more than one man as a slut. This isn't fair.
9) Men generally will be paid MORE for the same job than a woman doing the same job with no justifiable reason even if the woman does the job better. This isn't fair.
10) Men generally view women as possessions. This is wrong.
11) The more valuable a man's possession in the eyes of other men, the more the man will appreciate it (her).
12) A self-centered man will continue to be unappreciate to his woman until he notices another man taking notice of his woman.
13) In the workplace, men instinctively think that women will sabotage each other regardless of what they say or share with one another.
14) Generally, Men instinctively think all women are weak no matter what they say, what they learned, or have demonstrated in the past.
15) Men KNOW women are smarter than them! And they hate to be reminded of it!
16) Why does a man leave his devoted wife, girlfriend, whatever, for another woman despite her loyalty? Because he has found someone else, who is more desireable in his eyes, and his fellow men. Don't ever stop dressing the window! You'll regret it. Stay hot, and you'll keep what you've got.

I have spent quite a number of years studying women. I have learned much. Basically what I've learned is that us men are jerks! I can say that because I am one. But for the ones who TAKE THE TIME TO PAY ATTENTION TO A WOMAN, he has the keys to the garden! The greatest thing a man can do is to PAY ATTENTION TO A WOMAN in all things.

Well, the hit squad is probably going to come looking for me now so I gotta run.

Enjoyed reading what you wrote. Real quality! If you want to know anything I'd be happy to help! Au revoir!

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