A kiss is but a kiss unless you think of this...  

rbestgurl 55F
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10/8/2005 12:09 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A kiss is but a kiss unless you think of this...

Lips…for me one of the most sensuous parts on my body…I think about them often, both pair, yes as a female I have been blessed with two pair of glorious lips…both of them sensitive and designed to wrap around anything I choose to consume or have consume me…

My lips, most evident and displayed prominently on my face, fit my face perfectly…or so I am told…slightly full and pouty, soft and pale…sensitive…now that they are being kissed more often I am suddenly more aware of them and the sensations they bring to me…

Kissing… thinking about kissing makes me weak at the knees and wet…I could kiss for hours, long wet kisses, deep kisses, lingering kisses, lips slightly parted, moist and damp from being kissed…sensitive…desire spreads and swathes me, conquering me so much that I need to transfer the passion back to you with my lips…

There is no sweeter sensation then to brush them lightly across the soft, smooth skin of an inner thigh, or feel the tickle of a moustache and they graze across your lips, exploring the upper then lower lip of your mouth… yielding and open…gently drawing in one and then the other half of your mouth, my tongue seeks the inner space and wetness between your lower lip and your teeth…then draws across the top lip to trace back to the sweet depression that creates your chin, below your bottom lip …The tip of your nose and the hollows below your eyes…small kisses, holding my mouth and massaging the skin makes you moan and me more eager to explore the outer corners of your eyes, kissing and massaging with my mouth…my tongue leaves a trail as I look for the hollow where your jaw meets your neck and I breath in through my mouth, tasting your scent through my tongue, exhaling and breathing in your smell, gently moving my mouth down your neck, using my lips to plant tiny, kisses along the way.

I open my mouth wider, stretching my lips and run them along your collar bone, down the middle of your chest stopping to brush across those delightful hairs, tugging gently, holding them in my mouth while my tongue teases the tips of each hair… I love to tease with my lips, brushing them across rigid nipples, tiny hairs amusing my lip, I brush my mouth across them ever so slightly, gently embracing them and tugging so softly…my tongue finds these hairs and wets them…I blow warm air and feel the goose bumps, moving my lips over them enjoying the sound of your breath slowly exhaling…back slightly arched…relaxing…

no tongue yet…just my mouth brushing back and forth across your tummy…my hands are jealous and the tips of my fingers lightly stroke your sides, barely touching, running across the top of your hair which creates a barrier to your soft sweet skin…my mouth sweeps across your belly, back and forth until I reach the area below you navel and above your pubic bone…you lay perfectly still and tensed, relaxed, anticipating as my fingers trace the ridges where you legs meet your torso, kissing the triangle, smelling your scent, you’re throbbing against my cheek…

moving across and down your leg my tongue makes it’s way to your thigh, legs spreading I brush my mouth lightly against your satiny skin, fingertips dancing lightly, my tongue slowly moves toward downy spheres…I open my mouth and pull you in, massaging you with my tongue…then lick the ridge that separates your twin globes …my tongue moves up, tip wiggling as it moves from base to peak, my lips enfold and massage you….brushing up, down against the length of you…tight and hard against my mouth I love the way it feels and hold myself back, wanting to consume you… up and down, I feel you, your length fills the space between my lips, the shelf of your head briefly stops my mouth as I explore the perimeters of your shaft…so I take the silky fold between my lips and massage, the tip gliding against my nose… barely allowing you past my lips, rimming your head softly, my mouth slightly parted, lips brushing, briefly touching…and then down the outer length again…fingers massaging you, kneading your firm flesh, I begin again at the side…slowly moving, gliding to the top, massaging the crest of your head with my lips…

with slightly parted lips, moist hot air dampens the crown and a flick of my tongue makes you shiver as I begin to trace back down the length of you… down to the base then I begin make my way up again…at the top, I let me lips explore your head, teasing the indentation with my swirling tongue, drawing you in and catching your head with the edges of my mouth…tugging, tonguing then slowly enticing you deeper, my lips firmly secured, gliding down, slowly, feeling your hardness, taught silky skin…you are consumed, you fill me and my nose is buried in the thickness of your hair…my lips are burning against your velvet hardness, my tongue wants to explore and I rise, sucking gently on your head, massaging you gently with my lips…feeling your hips move, ebb and flow of a gentle tide greeting and meeting my mouth, softly encouraging my lips...

dano6332 56M

10/8/2005 3:55 pm

wow I have dies and gone to heaven. Along the way I was blessed to meet and kiss an angel. An angel who transcends earthly realms and planes to teach me the meaning of trust, passion and dare we say it?

bella_ 47F
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10/9/2005 4:17 pm

that is just beautiful...i don't think i could have described it better than you have...blog on!

rbestgurl 55F

10/10/2005 7:04 pm

Dano...you are in heaven...we dare!

rbestgurl 55F

10/10/2005 7:05 pm

Bella... thanks for the kudos...they say write what you know about...

DefiniteTrouble 50F

10/12/2005 6:08 am

A kiss, to me, is the most intimate act two people can share.

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11/9/2005 7:01 pm

how very sensual, sexy and starved you made me reading this! I want to find my own velvety hard cock to engulf. How appropriately put!

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