The Five-Way with Rhonda & Randy, Rachel and Dawn.  

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The Five-Way with Rhonda & Randy, Rachel and Dawn.

There's a very popular, "down-home" swingers club in the Carolinas called "Carolina Friends." It's friendly, safe, and rather classy. It's run by people with smarts, common sense, and a sense of fun. It's "Recess for Grown Ups!"

During my first visit, I was accompanied by two lady friends, Rachel and Dawn. They had been to "the Estate" before and were going to show me the ropes. Little did they know, I was a big "show-off" and would end up inviting them to my spontaneous three way with a very cute blonde, tan couple from Charleston, SC.

They wandered off after the free buffet dinner to shoot pool and I went swimming nude in the nice outdoor pool. Between dips in the pool I met a very cute and sexy blonde (the cheerleader type, only now in her 40's) in the locker room who coyly asked me to get the knot out of her lovely, fringed leather halter top, with some effort (and my reading glasses) I fixed her 'wardrobe malfunction' and we kissed a very erotic and wet kiss, her husband gathered her up and I went back to the pool.

She saw me in the pool, came over to me, we kissed again and she immediately began to slowly grab my cock and caress it and check it out. She seemed to approve as it grew substantially in her hand and then her husband Rusty came over.

We necked more passionately than before, I was starting to think, these two want to play but in what form?

The pool was too cold for Rusty, so we went to one of the many hot tubs on the deck where I proceeded to eat Rhonda's pussy with her beautiful trimmed, shaved labia and a darling sterling silver clit hood stud. At one point, I dived under, held my breath for a minute or so, and licked her underwater just to impress her.

Rusty was getting very aroused watching me on his wife and so I said, "Let's go upstairs and get a room." They were all taken except for the Big, Blue, Dolphin room with the king-size bed. "That'll do, I said" and we all started to get busy.

Rhonda and I were having a great time together, I was just eating that beautiful trimmed pussy 15 different ways and Rusty was enjoying himself immensely but just watching still when my two friends, Rachel and Dawn, came by the window of the room and began to enjoy the show.

They were giggling and pointing and acting like a couple of teenager when I decided we could have an even bigger party.

Of course, I had to introduce everybody. I motioned for them to join us which they did. Now, this was turning into a fun party. My very own Three-Way had evolved into a Five-Way and we were all having a great time. Finally, Rusty had two beautiful and sexy women to play with and he began to get Fellatio from Dawn and Rachel both and was soon fucking Dawn doggy.

Rhonda was red hot at this point and said "Please Fuck me Ray!" so I did and she was amazed after 20 minutes or so that I was still going strong amd changing positions ever so often. Rusty, her husband, was really excited now watching me take his wife for so long, Dawn amd Rachel had left and after Rhonda came several times he finally wanted to fuck his wife. Oh I thought, I see what Rusty likes-- "Sloppy Seconds."

Unfortunately, he came in about 10 strokes and 30 seconds. I was beginning to see why they wanted a big cock for Rhonda to get off since Rusty had a little premature ejaculation problem it seems and only about a five inch cock although it had decent girth.

It was a great time together though and not bad for a "beginner" like me who had put the Royal Blue "Anything Goes" star smack dab over the Gold Star "Newcomer's Badge" just to make an impresssion. An Adventurous Newcomer!

Apparently I did because during the most lively part of our Five Way we had gathered quite a large audience at the open window.

This was an exciting way to first experience the fun and frolic of Carolina Friends. Other parties just don't compare!

ncgirl2play 51F

1/10/2007 9:22 pm

well sexy, glad you had a wonderful experience...BUT if you ever want to have a FUCKtastic time one on one look me
you are a sexy one......Carolyn (aka ncgirl2play)

ncgirl2play 51F

1/10/2007 9:24 pm

Well sexy, sounds like you had a great time..BUT if you ever want to have fun one on one..look me up. You are a hottie.... Carolyn

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