Anal-Do It Right the First Time!  

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12/19/2005 7:48 pm

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Anal-Do It Right the First Time!

Over the years, I've been intrigued by the fact that some women absolutely love anal, come harder that way than vaginal, and consider it a way to occasionally add some variety to their erotic life.

On the other hand, some women won't ever conside it, AGAIN! Because the first experience or the first few was botched so badly by the guy that they just feel totally turned off by it.

I understand that a lot of women and couples on this site are sexual adventureres and sexual athletes and don't have qualms or hang-ups much to speak of, but for those of you who haven't had a good anal experience, some tips:

1. Like they always say "GO SLOW!"

2. Best after at least one vaginal orgasm or at least be in a very high state of arousal.

3. Lots and lots of lube, K-Y probably best, don't use Vaseline or other greasy products, not good for that area.

4. Proper Preparation can include repeated warm water enemas until it squirts out nearly clear.

5. Play with yourself girls at times with a soft, rubber dildo or other soft object about the size of a cigar at first until you can get some natural relaxation and temporary stretching of the two sphincters. Don't worry, they'll always close properly, these are very strong, ring-like muscles with tremendous flexibility. The pain from unprepared entry comes from stretching the skin with all it's many nerve endings too fast, not the actual sphincter muscle. The sphincer of course grips the guys cockhead very firmly, that's why guys get off on anal so much.

6. But the guy needs to have two things, Patience and Self Control. If he gets too carried away and starts thrusting too soon just like regular intercourse, this can be painful for the woman and cause the "Big Turn Off" mentioned above.

7. On the other hand, during the very slow entry process where the woman is trying to concentrate on relaxing and the guy is placing his cock head "at the back door" and allowing her to do the pushing, frequently the erection starts to fade a bit.

8. The guy grabs the base of his penis, firms up the erection, takes perfect aim at the anus, that cute little winking pink hole, and ever so gently slides his cock head (the glans) just inside, then he waits some more so the woman can get used to the sensation. No thrusting at this point, although a very slight movement might be needed to maintain said erection.

9.. Take your cue from the woman, guys. If she wants to go further be very slow and gentle, you'll be glad you did.

10. If she says "No, hurt's" you might as well slide back out (this should be done slowly too, because your cockhead is bigger and can hurt coming out too) and wait another time to try again, secure in the knowledge that you showed her your were a patient and considerate lover and also that the next time will be a little easier because you just did a little stretching and relaxing technique on her anus. If she's sore the next day, apologize and kiss it, you big lug!

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