Dude, Where'd My Week Go?!?  

rawknroll5150 48M
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4/13/2006 3:22 am

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5/28/2006 8:08 pm

Dude, Where'd My Week Go?!?

Long time, no write. Just wanted 2 drop by 4 a sec & at least let every1 know I'm still alive. Amber, sweetie, u r welcome 4 the poetic dedication, but u really deserved it. It was the poetry in ur blog that made me dig up old writing i actually thought might not ever been seen again until the family went through all of my stuff after the funeral....
PLZ, thanx 4 the 4giveness, understanding, & encouragement 2 put the pencil back 2 the paper!
Leo, hope things r goin well w/ u & hope we can maybe look 2 the weekend of April 28/29 2 get 2gether w/ u & Hoochmeister. Obviously this weekend is out due 2 the holiday, next weekend my son & I r goin 2 a Brewers game thru a bus trip sponsored by my employer. So that leaves the above mentioned weekend, or maybe u just wanna come up the weekend of the next party on Friday & we go out & hit some places 4 "Cinco De Mayo"?!?
Either way, u've got a place 2 crash @ my place. Any involvement w/ AdultFriendFinder, AdultFriendFinder parties, or tryin' 2 get 2gether w/ u and/or Hooch will always b set up 4 wknds the boy is w/ his mom or I can arrange 4 my 'rents 2 keep him overnite.
Anyway...what a week it's been! Things @ work r continuing 2 go well, my son & I r doin' ok, & best of all I got my 3+ month-old "problem" squared away last Saturday night!
There's a single mom in my apt. building that has been just a crazy flirt since I moved in almost 18 months ago...& that's all it had been up til now even w/ my "quit talkin the talk & start walkin' the walk" ribbings. Well, the excellent, springtime weather, the sunny evening, & couple drinks had begun 2 have their effect on me & as I was out on my balcony, there she was kneeling on the ground by her lil' smokey joe grill.....
"On ur knees, again?", I joked.
She proceeded 2 get 2 a squatting position sticking her ass up @ me and she replied, "Not always", with a glance & wink over her shoulder.
"Do u have any extra lighter fluid?" she asked.
"Y, do u need me 2 light ur fire?" I flirted.
"U've already got it hot, but I need 2 get these coals goin'", she said.
She came over 2 my balcony & I handed her down my fluid and I said, "Hey, when ur done can I have ur coals? I gotta buddy of mine from working coming over with his son & we're gonna do steaks on the grill".
She smiles slyly and replies, "Mmmmmmm,meat".
I smile back and say, "Yeah, & I need ur heat 2 get me goin'!"
"Yeah, u can have it", with an intentional pause in between she says,"my coals when I'm done".
She finishes cookin her chicken breasts & says 2 cum get the grill. I go down by her & she says, "U might wanna grab some mitts, it's pretty hot".
I shoot back with, "I like it hot". Besides having worked in an aluminum paint line my hands have gotten pretty callused to heat. So I grab the lil' grill by the legs & carry it up thru the appt 2 my balcony & dump them in my larger kettle grill. A few minutes l8r, she comes over w/ the lid & says, "Here". I said, "Well, here it's cooled off already, y doncha just take it back now?"
"It'll give u a reason 2 bring it up l8r", she said,"and I mean bring it up l8r!!"
"Oh sure, here we go again", I kidded.
L8r when I went up 2 return it, her 2 daughters were still awake & we got 2 goofin' off & they were tryin 2 take my baseball cap off my head, tacklin me & stuff, when "mom" decides 2 get in on the action...holdin' me down 4 the girls. While they were focused on the cap on my head, mom was discreetly focusing on the cap on my other head. Throughout a lil roughhousing, again super-mega discreetly, I got a hand down the back of mom's shorts and she put the "squeeze" on my hand. I had 2 get the hell outta there b4 I lost my freakin' mind.
I said, "Call when u get these 2 2 bed, I'll cum back up & we'll "visit"."
She did.
I did.
We did.
Nice 2 finally "moisten" a 3+ month dry spell....

Have a Happy Easter, y'all....HE IS RISEN!!


rm_LeoThermal 42M
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4/13/2006 10:05 am

Cool, man. Let me see how things shake out and I'll let you know which weekend works better.

Thanks again.

PLZtalkdirty4me 55F

4/19/2006 9:45 am

Don't you just love flirting!?!?! ANd then FINALLY doing something about it!! It is so hot!

So, are you going to start 'seeing' her or was this just a ltiile on-the-side fun?? Or who the hell knows???

rm_LeoThermal 42M
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4/28/2006 4:47 am

Hey man. Sorry it's taken me a while to get back to you. This weekend isn't good for me, and I'm not sure if I'm going to the next party, so things are kinda in limbo. I'm hoping to have my mind made up by the end of the weekend. It's been a weird time.

I'll let you know early next week about the party and such.

Take care.

rm_LeoThermal 42M
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5/1/2006 4:51 pm

It's looking like I'm not going to make this party, but thank you anyway for the offer.


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