where is my fairy godmother???  

ravenuseyes4u 47F
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8/5/2006 5:55 pm
where is my fairy godmother???

To dream or not to dream,

I have been holding on to a dream that I really want to come true and it apparently wont ever come true. There has been a very special man in my life for the last 2 yrs, and during this past year we became very close. Do to some very unfortunate events during this year it has put a strain on our relationship. So much so that he has given up on me. He says he deeply loves me but I guess that isnt enough to work things out. No matter what I say...

I accept him unconditionally and always have, I am human just like him...Why cant he love me unconditionally too...we both have made mistakes.

So do I cry my heart out some more and give up on the dream all together or do I continue to have hope for a future together.

I wish I had a fairy godmother to help me with this....I miss him so much. I only hope and wish that maybe he will read this....

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