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9/29/2005 3:35 am

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I look at things with open eyes. I like the world in which I live. Sometimes though people make me wonder why no one else can see things more simple like me. I know we are on this site for lots of different but the same reasons. I enjoy sex alot. Does that make me bad or naughty? I dont think so. One only has to talk to me for a bit to know. I talk freely about sex and openly. I have no hang ups about sex. Every one likes different things more openly then others. I think sex was ment for us to enjoy without the hurting though. Be honest from the start and no one gets hurt.

rm_alchemee769 60M/41F

3/31/2006 10:14 am

Hey Raven,

I like it that your expressing yourself in writing; I find that very sexy and attractive. When you saying looking at things with 'open eyes' I get an image of a child who is still curious and open; whose 'beginners mind', as Budhists say, sees things 'anew', and is full of wonder and spaciousness. Very few adults see things like that becase they are caught up in this stressful, work a day world. Yes, I too, have that feeling of why others cant see the simple beauty that is around us all the time. One saying said that if we could just become as a child, we would enter into heavenly places and this is sooooo true. So hold to your oppeness and wait for some 'eyes' to show up and look back at you with a warm smile that says, Iam here with you too! Isnt this beautiful!

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