60 ways to say the magical word.  

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2/27/2006 6:53 am

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60 ways to say the magical word.

Showing your love for someone isn’t easy. Let’s face it. Being creative romantically is a challenge all in itself, especially if you really try to make a lasting impression, While romance is an absolute must for keeping the fires burning; showing love everyday is paramount.

The effort you put into making your love known doesn’t have to be elaborate. It just has to be thoughtful, considerate, and sincere.

Here are 60 quick and easy ways to say “I Love You”.

1 . A single flower and a candy kiss on the pillow before bed.
2 . A towel right out of the dryer, just before he or she finishes a shower.
3 . A single flower on the windshield of his or her car.
4 . A picture of the two of you taped to his or her rearview mirror. Ladies should put lipstick on and kiss the mirror.
5 . A bubble bath prepared for his or her arrival home (complete with candles, wine, and relaxation tape playing in the bathroom).
6 . Prepare dinner and set the table with a flower, candles and play a little mood music.
7 . Do the dishes for her. Take the trash out for him.
8 . Rent a movie you know he or she will love.
9 . Spoon on the couch while watching T.V.
10. Give a 15 minute massage of the head, neck, arms, hands and back.
11. Make a mixed tape or CD of his or her favorite songs.
12. Set up a picnic in a secluded place by the water, in advance, and then take your sweetie there for lunch.
13. Write 20 reasons why you love your sweetheart and want him or her in your life.
14. Describe how empty your life would be without him or her.
15. Send a special e-card to work.
16. Send a card through the mail “Just Because”.
17. Make your own “message in a bottle” and float it in the bubble bath.
18. Volunteer to run his or her errands.
19. Write I LOVE YOU on the steamed up bathroom mirror.
20. After working outside on a hot summer day, greet your love with a hand towel soaked in ice water and a tall glass of iced tea.
21. Do something with your honey that he or she loves to do.
22. Take a walk in the rain together.
23. Buy something small you love has been wanting.
24. Hug and Kiss your love Hello and Goodbye---everyday.
25. Make the bed.
26. Clean the house together.
27. Pack your love’s lunch with a little love note inside.
28. Make your sweetheart laugh out loud.
29. Do something sweet for your current or future in-laws.
30. Fix something around the house for her / help him with a home improvement project.
31. Throw a BBQ and don’t let your love do anything but socialize with friends and family.
32. Wash and detail the car.
33. Catch up on each other’s day---everyday.
34. Help each other meet at least one goal per month.
35. Wait on your honey, hand and foot, when he or she is sick.
36. Call your sweetheart when you know they are not there. When the answering machine picks up, play a love song into the receiver.
37. Plant a beautiful garden together.
38. Take your love out and tell everyone you talk to that night just how much you love and adore him or her.
39. Bake cookies for your sweetheart. You can buy them “ready to bake” at the grocery store.
40. Buy her the most comfortable slippers and robe you can find / Buy him silk boxers on short robe.
41. Send him or her to the spa for the day.
42. Dedicate a song to the one you love and make sure he or she is listening to the radio station.
43. Frame a beautiful poem and give it to him or her.
44. Make hot chocolate or spiced apple cider to sip together by the fire.
45. Make his or her favorite breakfast.
46. Serve up gourmet coffee and muffins.
47. Tell your love how proud of him or her you are and why.
48. Take ballroom dance lessons together. The tango is a red hot, sexy dance!
49. Volunteer your time together at something you will both enjoy.
50. Give her some mad money and send her on a shopping spree. Sponsor a poker night for him or send him to golf, or buy tickets to a sporting event.
51. Be the designated driver.
52. Tell your love how beautiful / handsome they are.
53. Buy your love a cologne / perfume that drives you wild.
54. Give them a hug from behind when they are not looking.
55. Give him or her a “talking picture frame”. You can record your own brief message that can be played over and over.
56. Kiss at red lights.
57. Hold hands when sitting or walking together.
58. Make an “I’m Feeling Blue” jar. Fill it with little strips of paper with inspirational notes from you.
59. Take a picture of each other on every occasion you want to remember.
60. Every other month, write a short chapter in a blank journal about your own love story. Then take turns writing the next chapter, adding to what he or she wrote the previous month. Read it on your anniversary each year.

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