You know its a Monday when...  

rapier993 46M
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5/15/2006 9:01 pm
You know its a Monday when...

Mother Nature gives you the bird.... literally.

First thing this morning, I get up, take the dogs downstairs to let them out. I go back up to my office, and find a bird flying around in there. Apparently one of the little bastards that have been trying to nest in my dryer vent broke through this morning.

First thought.. "well.. this is new...."

Then I grabbed an old blanket and was able to trap the bird by the window and get ahold of him.

So there I am walking downstairs, with a bird in a blanket looking up at me with his beady little bird eyes. He didn't struggle or attempt to get away while I was holding him. He just kept looking at me. Not sure if that was "please don't kill me" or "I'm so gonna shit on your car first chance I get..."

I opened the door, the dogs looked at me as I released him. He flew away.

One looked at me as if to say "How'd you do THAT!"

The otheer gave me the look that said "Do it AGAIN!"

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was my Monday morning!

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