It'll take me a while to get caught up....  

rapeme_florissan 45F
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9/8/2006 10:32 am
It'll take me a while to get caught up....

But I guess I could share my was many years ago, when I was still a child. My grandpa trumped up some reason to punish me while I was staying at his house for the summer...he tied me on all fours in the barn....binding my knees wide spread to the floor & forcing me to keep my head up with a collar attached to the rafter above. He left for a while, returning & doing something I couldn't see in the corner. THen he approached me from behind. I heard his belt loosen & pull free from his pants. Followed wuickly by a sharp smack of the leather on my skirt covered ass. Again & again...I scream with each blow, tears streaming down my cheeks....and grandpa remains silent. A short pause, and I feel grandpa raise my skirt over my hips. Then he dumps a bucket of water over me...effectively turning my white halter top & nylon panties practically invisible. I hear him groan as he raises the belt again. After a few more strikes, I slip & my hands slip out from under me, and my weight is caught by the collar around my neck with enough force that I black out.
When I come to, Grandpa is holding me up, with his hands supporting (groping) my shirt is gone, and so are his pants. His hard veiny cock is staring me in the face....He tells me to open my mouth, but not understanding I start to ask what he means, but he takes the opportunity to shove the head past my lips....I've never seen a cock, much less one as hard & large as this one (later I find out that it's 9" & about 6" around) Just the head is enough to make me gag....but gramps begins humping my face with small hip thrusts. As innocent as I am, I have no pre-instilled aversion to sucking on grandpas dick, and it tastes good.
WHen I start licking & sucking, grandpa groans again & compliments me on getting the hang of it so quickly. Then he pulls away & pats me on my head "Hang on sweety, lets try something else" He walks to his work area, returning with a can of "goop" and a blanket. He walks behind me & spread the blanket for him to kneel on. he pulls out his pocket knife & cuts my panties from my still stinging ass. Scooping some goop out, he gently spreads it on my burning ass gently, spreading it around & massaging it into my sore cheeks and crack. Everytime he passes over my ass or pussy lips, he exerts a little more pressure & I twitch, instinctively knowing that there's more good feelings where that came from. He's leaning close, I feel his warm breath on my ass, my rosebud as his fingers gently spread my untouched labia, exposing my pristine playground to his lustful gaze. He leans in closer, and his toungue finds my cunt as his rough finger finds my clit. I gasp with the unexpected pleasure that zaps every nerve in my young body. My head reels from the first sexual surge that flows through my untried body as grandpa continues lapping at my virgin juices and fingering my sensitive baby clit. Then he pulled back, keeping his fingers on my clit, but replacinghis mouth with his cock, gently applying pressure grandually, allowing my small frame to stretch to accomodate him. Once the head was held within, he put one finger against my anus, circling there as his other finger continued working over my clit, all the while I'm rocking, trying to find what my body was screaming for. As my first orgasm washed over me and I yelled my release, he burst through my hymen, and while I did feel it split, I never felt the pain, the orgasm was overpowering.

hornydawg33 52M
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9/8/2006 11:23 am

whew, this is pretty shocking! although it's very well written from a sensual story perspective, it's a distirbing mix of , incest, bondage/S&M.

How old were you when this happened?

How do you deal with this today??

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