Greatest Film Ever  

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2/16/2006 8:17 am

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Greatest Film Ever

OK i was thinking back a few months and remember'd a program that listed the greatest films shown in the UK based on bums on seats and not money taken

I cant rember the full list or the order but I think of the top 10

The Sound Of Music ( no 1 )
Gone With the wind ( top 10 )
Star Wars a new hope ( top 10 )
Snow White ( top 10 )
The Great Esscape ( top 10 )
ET ( top 10 )

The order supprised me but the list wasnt based on money taken but on people actually at the cinema.

It made me think that i dont think a films taken over a Billion pounds at the cinema yet but as with all things prices go up. in the 70s it cost less than a pound to go in 80s a couple and now it can cost you 6-10 pounds to go in to a good cinema.
hehe one day it may cost 100 pounds to go to the cinema and you may find that random teen flick 2200 will make more than ET.


2/17/2006 12:12 am

Dang those are some oldies!!!! If the drive inn is open when you get here I will take you to some movies!!!

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