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1/30/2006 4:50 pm

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Erotic ramble

I cant stop thinking about you and your legs. Those legs are amazing i just want to lick the inside of them starting with each toe removing your high heals and sucking on one at a time covering your feet with kisses and slowly work my way up each leg all the way up and nibble with my lips your lips till i find your clit. From then i will run my tongue around it and then work my way back down to your love hole where i will slowly work one of my fingers inside the wet and warm interior and slowly work it in and out. I remove my fingers and taste your sweet sweet juice and then replace them and work my way slowly with my lips and tongue to you clit where i will nibble suck and lick till you beg me to stop...

I leave you you as your basking in the glory and resume by kissing my way up to you belly button licking the inside and kissing softly and slowly moving up to your breasts covering each one in kisses and nibbling at each swollen nipple in turn. i don't stop there i continue up to you neck and nibble on an ear lobe my hand gently stoking and fondling one of you breasts as i do this....

We move to the shower and we are lathering each other all over. The warm soapy water feels so good, You turn to look away from me but i continue with my arms around you i work on your breasts, even the warm water doesn't stop you nipples jump into my fingers and as a massage your breasts they cry out for more attention. You turn to face me and your wet hair clears your shoulder i move my lips to it and taste the warm clean water on it, As my hands move lower to just above your legs you lean forward and i kiss my way down your back.

I kneel down and my face is level with your arse you move your feet apart letting each cheek to show me the glory of forbidden opening. I gently probe it with the tip of my tongue and with one of hands reach round stroke your pussy.

You ease back more as I probe deeper and as i do i work a finger into you pussy and bring my 2nd hand up and start playing with your clit.

After a while of this you can no longer hold back and collapse on me and we pile down together hugging each other the still warm water.


2/7/2006 9:16 pm

How long will it take you to get here?

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