memory dream drama  

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10/2/2005 1:17 am

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memory dream drama

Making out in the basement/sunroom of a patchwork mansion where a long-lost girlfriend once lived, only it's extravagent, more like a mafioso fortress, all slick and white, with marble floors and weird panelling... from steam room to shower to the way-too-comfy bed with all those down comforters, those weird blue pillows and a rercord player that skips and clicks through every record.

The target in this scenario is the Aphrodite-type. Venus in flesh. The appropriate word is lithe. A smiler. I comment briefly that her parents seem to have bought this mansion off the father of my ex. She giggles and wiggles and all that. We keep getting interrupted. I keep half-waking up, a tabby's pink eraser nose cold and wet against mine. As I wake I catch only the snippets of dream recorded here, the most vivid bits, as I stumble into the realm of the waking.

I love how we remake architecture in our dreams. Locations mix and match up. You can have the sense of a place and not actually be there. Be with a person in the dream that is a composite of sorts. Amalgamation. Events and statements of the day echo, distort.

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