Cream Dream Supreme  

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10/12/2005 6:44 pm

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Cream Dream Supreme

She lays her legs across my lap and I start to caress her legs, working slowly to the thighs, then back again. She arches her back, hips slowly gyrating upward. I can in fact feel the heat that her sexpot is giving off, and as I slowly work my fingertips towards her inner thigh she sighs.

"I'm going to need some dick," she says after I manipulate her tender spot to a dripping mess.

"I suppose I can provide that."

She is naked in seconds and spreads for my tongues attention shortly before bending over and putting her ass in the air.

I'm halfway in when she says, quite pleased: "Oh, you're big."

Of course I'm tender for only so long before I overwork her and she's left gasping, asking for a pause if only for a glass of water.

I follow her into the kitchen where she's gulping down a hastily poured glass and put it between her legs, rubbing the length against her moist lips, teasing with just the tip, eventually picking her up and carrying her around the house, never pulling out.

"Make me cum and I'll suck every drop out of you," she purrs.

"Can do." I piston her atop me and grab her thick full ass, grinding pelvises and pubic bones, juices squirting slopping.

"On second thought, I want it all over my face."

Christ, she's bossy. I oblige, however. Buckets stream down her chin, her neck, coating her tits which I lick clean.

God I miss women. Sex. It's been far too long, and it's only been a few months. Hence this place.

Wherever you are, slutgirl, whatever load you're sucking. Thank you for being vivid, even if you were a bit bossy.

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