Patty My Hot Sister In Law  

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6/24/2006 8:10 am
Patty My Hot Sister In Law

Well this story starts last yearin January of 2005. About the time my big brother Daniel was sent to iraq. He and his wife Patty were over at my folks house. To have a small get together before he shipped out with the Marines. We could all tell Patty was upset about the deployment. But was trying hard not to show it to Danny. My brother was one of those heroic types. He had been all his life. If he thought he had a duty he would do it. With out thinking about the conquences. We had steaks out by the pool with Dad and Mom acting as host and hostess. Plus i had just turned 18 a month ago.
So Danny and Patty and myself I'm David by the way. We were drinking beer and swimming in the pool. Patty had on this hot pink bikini. That barely covered those big 44dd tits. That my brother liked so much. We swam for a while while they cuddled in the shallow end kissing and holding each other. Later Dad called us to eat and Mom served up quite a spread. We all chowed down on the grub and drank more beer.As it started to get dark. We broke up and helped Mom clean the dishes. Danny had gotten pretty wasted
and Patty put him to bed. Knowing he had to be up at the crack of dawn to get to the airport. Mom and Dad had retired to thier room And Patty went back out for a swim. I watched her swim for a while and went out to go in myself. But was trying to hide the fact i had a tremendous hard on. As I entered the water Patty had her back to me and i could tell she had been crying again.
Patty you know Danny will make it back safe and sound. I know David it isn't that at all. Your brother and I promised each other we would spend time trying to make a baby before he shipped out again. But he has been so busy at the base traning and retraining we have only made love one time this month and i was not fertile then. Well you know the Marines they are nothing if not persistent i tried to joke. David this is serious.
I know I'm sorry I said that. If something happens to your brother. I won't even have a child to remember him by. I want to be a mom so bad. Now he is Drunk on his last night home. and I am so fucking horny and very fertile right now.
I almost gasped at her beening so frank with me.
Then it hit me like a brick. As my mind came up with a plan to fuck my sister in law. Patty you know Danny and I look a lot a like. And every body used to say they thought we were twins. Other then him beening two years older then me were the spitting image. So what are you trying to say David. I was just thinking that if you want a baby so bad and your fertile right now. I would be happy to get you pregnant with my baby.
David I sm your brother's wife and i love Danny very much. I know you do I don't want you to leave him. I thought maybe I could help you out and get you pregnant. You could tell Danny it is his. She smiled and said you would get to use that big cock of yours I see you sporting every time you look at me. I think we should both just go to bed good night David. As she walked out of the pool I felt like I had been kicked in the guts. A few minutes later I got out and went to my bedroom. I opened the door with out turning on the lights and dropped my swim trunks. I walked over to the bed then i heard her voice. I thought you would be out there forever. What took you so long. Patty I thought you went to bed. I did but your brother is snoring so loud and dead to the world. And i was thinking about your offer and your cock in me. well here I am are we going to talk or fuck. I climbed in to the bed thanking Mom and Dad for getting rid of those old twins and bying me a new queen. She was complety naked
laying beside me. As we started kissing and touching each other. I took her nipple in to my mouth and licked it and nibbled it. Pulling it between my teeth as she moaned oh god David that feels so good. Rub my pussy put your fingers down there. I stuck my fingers in to her and started pummping them in and out oh god yes that feels so gooooooood. your making me so wettttttttt. Then I
went down to her pussy and started licking her. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh baby yes eat my pusssssy suck it honey do ittttttttttttt. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssss baby yeeeeeeeeee I'm cummmingggggggggggg. As she exploded all over my face it was fantastic she was squirting like crazy. David baby wow that was fantastic your a much better pussy eater then your brother. I want to feel your cock as she took it in her hand and started jerking it. OH my gosh you are hughe and long your bigger then Danny. She pumped it back and forth. David we better hurry before anyone wakes up fuck me now. I pushed her legs apart and she took my cock and guided it inside her. I started rammming it in and out thrusting deep in to her womb. As she lifted her butt off the bed to take my male meat
as deep as it would go. oh godddddd yes fuck me she screamed. God yessssssssss fuck my cunt. Do it harder baby oh god yess plowwww it make me cummmmm. Yes baby more please don't stoppppppppppppp. there yes my god yessssssssssss im cummming againnnnnnnn. Yessssssssssssss that's itttttttttttt right thereeeeeeeeeeeee fuck me nowwwwwwwwww. Then i felt my balls and the fire build in my tube as my cock squirted jism deeeppppp into her cuntttttttttt. I felt like i was cumming gallons in to her spasming pussy.
we both collapsed as my dick shrank inside her. and i rolled over and layed there panting listing to her breath. She rolled in to my arms my god David that was great I have never had anything that big inside me before. your cock is really thick and long. I told her yes I am about 10 inches when hard. Wow baby your brother is only a measley six or seven inches. And he hates eating me. He will only eat me if i fuss and suck his cock off. Well I would eat you any time you wanted. would you baby would you still do me after your brother leaves for iraq. sure i will i will fuck and suck you any time you want. Well then I better get to bed with him before he or your folks wake up and catch us fucking. She climbed over me kissing me long and squeezing my cock as she bolted from the room. The next morning we drove Danny to the airport it was sad to see him go but I noticed that something had changed between him and Patty. She was no longer all over him as she had been the night before. They kissed a quick goodbye. And we all hugged him or shook hands and he was gone. Patty came home with us to get her car and return to thier house. I wondered why she was so cold toward Danny. A few days went by and she called Mom. And told her that she had some boxes to go in to storage. And would I mind coming over to help her.
Mom told me to go help Patty move some boxes so i drove over there as quick as I could. I knocked on the door and Patty answered she said I am so glad your here we need to talk. I was helping your brother pack his suit case with some last minute items and on the bottom under some of his stuff I found some letters from another woman a Marine on base while your bother was in the shower. And what did they say i asked. She is pregnant with thier child and told him she could not wait until he got back home. So that he could divorce me and marry her and be with thier baby. David you know how much I love you and your parents But I have decide to divorce Danny while he is in Iraq I wrote him a letter and mailed it already. I kept the letters i found in my purse. And he did not even realize i had them when he left. I did not want to make a scene in front of your parents at the Airport. I took her in my arms and held her I could see she was terribly upset. Patty do not worry I will help you anyway i can. Will you make love to me David please. yes of course I will. We went in to their bedroom where i made love to Patty that day and many days after. She did divorce Danny and When he came home in march of 2006 his Marine lady had a baby boy waiting for him. They married shortly there after. What ever happened to Patty she got pregnant by me the first night at my folks house. I married her and nine moths later she gave me a son. I could not be happier in the end we all got what we wanted.

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