Waiting for the weekend.  

ramays001 34M/38F
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5/25/2006 7:22 pm
Waiting for the weekend.

Well it is Thursday night and I am just gearing up for the weekend. Unfortunetly all my weekend plans have fallen apart so looks like I will be stuck inside all weekend. While this is good so that I can finish my book its not so good for the rest of my time. I am hoping that something better comes my way this weekend. I really dont want to be bored, alone, and stuck indoors for the next 4 days. Things around the house havent been very good. Once again lots of conflict. I am gettting tired of it. I am trying hard not to let get to me. I had two more black outs because the fights were so big. But I am still hanging in there. Just dont know how much longer I can hang in there. Anyway I think I am going to go rest a bit. As usual feel free to leave comments or messages.

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