Mad As Hell!!!  

ramays001 34M/37F
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9/9/2006 1:13 pm

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12/29/2007 3:10 pm

Mad As Hell!!!

I think that title says it all. And what am I mad as hell about now, you ask? Well I am mad about several damn things. First off is how nothing on this site seems to work. If they are going to offer a service they should make sure there are no major problems with it. Case in point, the instant messanger. I already have a problem with the fact that most women on there dont freakin answer when you message them but on top of that the damn thing wont stay connected for any amount of time. That drives me crazy! Second, I dont know if anyone else has this problem but when I send a message and the person does answer it locks up. Come one moderatiors get your act together. I am also mad at the fact that when I put up my web cam I only seem to attract guys on here. I am not here looking for guys. I am looking for WOMEN on this site. And of course that subject doesnt help calm me down either. I dont know what the deal is with this site and the hundreds of others like it. I am here to meet real people. I have plenty of online friends. No one on here or the other sites seems to be intrested in meeting real people. They all just want to play around in the chat rooms and run others into the ground. Its bad enough that I have my age, the tons of pervs and jerks on the site, and the people looking for members of the same sex working aginst me. Now I have to add that factor in too? That makes me madder than Charleton Heston at an Ice T concert. Why does it have to be so hard to meet some one on here or anyother dating/hookup site? It just makes me so angry and fuels my desire to say to hell with it and delete profiles. I know that there will be one person to tell me that I should keep trying but honestly can they tell me why I should? I mean I have been here for so long and got nothing. This is more stressful than my damn divorce. And thats not the way it should be. I am about to the point that I am ready to just say that it the worlds loss since no one seems to want to ATLEAST chat with me and see if I am worth their time. Some one tell me why I should keep trying. I have run out of patience. I guess I have ranted long enough. Feel free to leave your comments.

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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9/9/2006 2:02 pm

Madder than Charleston Heston at an Ice T concert??? That, in itself, isn't a vision I would connect together....

That being said. I can understand your frustrations. I haven't tried the IM on AdultFriendFinder; I prefer the IM on YM myself. That being said though....

I do understand your frustrations, as well as many, many other bloggers on this site -- especially, those bloggers who were on the AdultFriendFinder blogs from the get-go last Spring (05). I have gone through my own level of frustrations with pics deleted, etc in the past. So far, things seem to be going well on my end; however, I don't do the new AdultFriendFinder IM thing (which, I understand, is still in Beta form) (and, not even sure how to get there at this point because I haven't looked for it) or the Chat rooms. I am much more a one-on-one type of gal.

I do hope that things get smoothed out for you. You seem to be rather an intelligent sort of a guy.


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