Its totally amazing.  

ramays001 34M/37F
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5/18/2006 12:19 pm
Its totally amazing.

Its amazing to me that in our age of technology that half the technology doesnt work. I have had that experiance all day. I have a DSL connection and all day it has dropped out. But thats just my first problem. every time I would use either the chat or im service on here it wouldnt work. I am hoping that it was the site and not my pc. I am thinking that it is the latter. Well I have been meeting some nice people on here. I dont really care for the chat room though. I know it might seem rude to use the private chat feature but it helps me. I have a hard time keeping track of what is going on in there. Looking forward to this weekend. I am going to enjoy a relaxing weekend for once. I finally got my chores done so that I dont have to do anything this weekend. ITs actually going to be a good one.

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