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4/19/2006 12:35 pm

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First Entry

Ok So here it goes. I have posted a question on the site asking if this site works. After some mixed answers I decided to give this a try since so many members seem to say this is a good way to get noticed. I havent used one of these sites in a while. I used to have memberships in about 5 of them at once. I even had one for two years with out any sucess. I know most people ask why I would do that. I honestly dont know. After the past few months I decided to give this one a try. Now I am not so far convinced that this will work for me but I will try it and if it doesnt well no big deal. Now if you made it this far down the line I guess you want to know more about me. Well lets see. I am 24 and married. Now I know that doesnt always sit well with people. The reason for me being here is simple. I dont get sex here at home. Its a long complicated story and if you want to hear it then catch me in the chat room or on the site's instant messanger. Now more about me. I live in Mckinney, Texas. Its a nice place but not where I want to stay. There is one thing about me that seems to drive people away. I am technicly disabled. That doesnt meant I am totally unable to do things. I am just not able to do all the things most people do. I wont bore anyone with the details. Again you know where to find me if you want the story behind that. Hopefully people will respond to my profile and my blog. IF I havent scared you away yet then congrats. Your a real open person. I want to be clear. I am not looking for a relationship. I have one. Its a desent one if you dont take in account the crap I endure and lack of sex. I do have other hobbies and try to use them to keep my mind busy. I am a very open person and if the topic is right I am liable to talk for quite a while and share my knowledge. Now I am going to rant for a second so hang on. The two biggest things I hate in the online world are the "bots" and people who think they are better than me. Dont care what you do for a living or how you look, or how much money you have. If you think your better than me you have another thing coming. Now I guess your wondering what I am looking for on this site. Well I am hoping to find some one that wants an occasional "Playmate". I dont care about looks or social status. I dont care about color either. As long as your some what conversational, open to my condition, and wanting to have so fun, then I am cool with chatting and seeing what happens. Well I think I have rambled long enough. If you made it all the way through then great. And like I said if you want to chat just look for me here.

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4/19/2006 9:00 pm

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