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4/20/2005 9:15 pm

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okay not to go back to already covered topics, because this is different, but also similar too.... As amny know I met a guy from here, he flew to see me and we got along great... I really like him, he's the type of guy that makes me feel great about myself, and doesn't really hide that he likes me or is at least attracted to me. There's a problem though.... He lives in Virginia and I live in Michigan, very far away from eachother.... I never really thought that I would like him as much as I do, I find that when I go out with friends and do stuff I regret it in the morning, because I know deep down that I want to be with this guy, but the distance thing is stopping me, we've talked about this and he says he feels the same way as I do, we really like eachother but the distance is just way too much. This is where it gets messy, I have NO reason to not believe everything he's told me, but I have a hard time trusting people, and I feel that most guys are too good for me, which ineveitably has me going out with crappy guys that treat me bad and then make it even more hard for me to trust men.... so do I take his word for it and put my heart on the line and go along with what I'm doing right now, or do I make him make a decision, do I not trust his word and make it so we are JUST friends, I need some advice, because I'm lost! Hope all of you all can help me....

rogerechoniner 36M

9/11/2005 9:33 pm

Well I'm right here baby in Michigan, so email me, AdultFriendFinder sometime and maybe we can hook up?

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9/22/2005 4:58 am

That's a tough one. You know him better than anyone that will post a comment. At twenty, you're still very young. Don't get into a rush. Take your time. Like they say, all good things come to those who wait. And chin up. Don't put yourself down when compared to nice men. And by all means, stay away from the creeps. Life is too short to be stuck with mean, shitty people.

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