What Luck?  

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12/17/2005 12:18 pm

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What Luck?

Well, from my last post, I was supposed to meet a woman that was married for a friendly trip for a Christmas-y thing, and probably a LOT more fun times overnight at the hotel while her husband was out of town. Well, when her husband cancelled plans to go out of town, we didnt get to meet. I was disappointed in that I had even gotten "wild" in preparation by shaving myself...but then when it fell through, just my luck that me and the ex-gf would get back together. She was excited by the shaved state, but there was no fun that weekend getogether (a cruel joke that her ex-fiance was playing on her in the stalking game that he is playing)...but after a few tests, our next get together could be much better.

Off the obvious topic of sex, I wasnt that worried that my job might be in jeopardy. It seemed as though my employer was trying to move everyone of the "old crew" out, and I was certainly next in line, so when the ax fell, I was not worried about losing my job, even this close to Christmas. But when they took me into the office to fire me and actually accused me of theft - without ANY SOLID evidence - well that just blew my mind away. It still does. And I am scared that the cops will arrest me in the coming days and that I will be forced to bury myself in debt to prove my innocence. I only have one question right now. Why would someone steal $2 worth of merchandise when they have access in a more open area (one of my jobs does not keep good records at all!) to more than a $1000 a weekend???? IF I were to steal anything, it sure as heck would NOT be $2 worth of merchandise when I could skim more than that (and as CASH) on a regular basis with NO real security measures whatsoever. It makes no sense, and with each passing day, it seems more and more like it was just a convenient ploy to get rid of me - the same as forcibly transferring a coworker to a store that they had refused to work at when they were rehired. But it scares me nonetheless, because I know I am innocent.

I cant wait till next weekend when me and gf get together again - it should be a morning-noon-all night fest!

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