Mixed Emotions  

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12/6/2005 9:56 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Mixed Emotions

Yeah, things are a mess here. Among all of the things that are happening...some good, some bad, and all mixed.

Mood: Cold. The heat crapped out for the first time this season, and the second or third time in 2005. If it were in the mid to upper 40s, I could deal with that, but damn, we are talking low to mid 30's. And that is chilly for a poorly insulated mobile home that I currently live in.

Mood: Excited. I have decided to meet this friend of mine for a general get-together with extra fun. Getting an opportunity to eat her and more is going to be so much fun.

Mood: Worried. I wonder if when I head in to work today if I will be fired. Honestly, ******* (store name edited to avoid naming names) are a bunch of pricks to work for. If someone drives off with gas, through no fault of your own, they still write you up for a shortage. If you have even one dollar more than you are supposed to have, they write you off. I expected it to come down Sunday night after working, but it didnt come then...so now I expect it before work today.

Mood: Relieved. At least if I get fired by ******* (again, company name withheld), I can relax a little bit in that I still work in food service...and that I will have some income.

Mood: Funny. When I meet my friend, there will be a huge difference to me than I am used to. Specifically she is shaved (which I find a huge turn-on in a woman...although not required)...and she prefers that anyone she gets with is also shaved. Since I decided to meet her, I decided to shave myself as well. It feels funny, yet I can only wait till we meet for what should out of this world sex. I am not perfect at it yet, and if I dont like it, I can always let it grow back. But for the here and now, I like it.

So as you can see my mood is definitely mixed. But the cold does win out as it is the most pressing issue right now. Tell me, if you are having sex with someone, is it better when bald? If you got with someone, would you prefer them to be shaved, trimmed, or none? I look forward to any comments.

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