Life Sucks in loss  

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12/18/2005 3:33 pm

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Life Sucks in loss

Well, I woke up today at my normal time...around 1:30 in the afternoon, and I promptly let my girl (in this case, I am not referring to a human, but my dog) out the back to use the bathroom. Well, she did her business and came back in, jumped into my lap and snuggled up with her cold paws on my leg. Then when I got up to close the back door, she ran back outside, and I watched her play with two neighbor dogs. Then one of the dogs snatched her up in his jaws, and began to carry her away. At first I was pissed, but I thought little of it. As soon as I threw on more clothes than what I had on, I went out and got my girl only to discover a gaping wound in her side.

I dont endorse speeding whatsoever, but I made the hour and twenty minute drive to the nearest vet ER in 40 minutes. But when I got there, she had already passed away from her severe intestinal wounds. I took a look after the fact, and there was torn muscle tissue, and parts of her intestine hanging out of her side. I want the dog that did this, dead. Consider this the Star Trek influence in my life, as I feel like a Klingon that wants to claim the right of vengence.

It doesnt help that my football team isnt even able to play a peewee team and win this evening. After all, it is just another bad thing that is happening today. Eventually I will take off my blood soaked shirt...when I am ready for it. But for a girl so full of energy and exuberance, this was an unfair ending, and definitely paints my Christmas as a black season.

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