how the world can turn  

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4/7/2006 7:06 pm
how the world can turn

well here goes,

cant say that my school life of special and worth remembering, cause it wasnt. couldnt get out of that small town fas enough. glad i did. it sure has changed. yes i know that times change and towns and people all change but for me it just seemed to happen over night. went to germany for a couple years got marrried to what i thought the perfect woman in the world was. but i must be getting ahead of myself. the first time i kissed a girl was when i was 16. it was wonderful we played tennie that night on the town court. got laid while i was in germany and i was 21. was also buzzed out of my mind first time i drank to. wont be doing that again. she was a super nice person. she had little extra padding but it was in all the right places. i had to go out of town to another conteinent for a while came back and she had moved so i never found out what happened to her. though i wonder. had i girl while i was training for my job. wow i didnt even know i liked her till i had already finished training. (way to go i am an idiot). then met my ex. i could call her pycho b_t_h. but i wont cant say i was inoccent. i never cheated on her but i wonder know if she did on me. i worshipped the ground she walked on. stupid . we were married for about 10yrs. had to go over seas again came back met a girl on line . she was great sex all the time etc. then i had to go oerseas again ( no i didnt get frequent flyer miles might have been nice though). got back few months ago and it was like i was cornered in a cage. all she wanted to know was when we were going to get married. (she asked it all the time) i couldnt get some space to myself. and differencese arose i had to run. dont know if it was a good decision but i think for me it was the right one. she shas i was or am having a midlife crisis. if i am then i guess i am but i wont be going back and i also found out shes going to get married in about a month or so. i wish her all the best. as for me.mmmmmmmmm thats a good question. am i involed with someone little had to say we are taking it slow which is fine by me.shes a knock out but we havent been on to many dates but we talk and email all the time it seems. for the future its not here yet but one day at a time. this is the abbved version of well me. everyone has thier stories i know but this is mine. made some big disions and made some rash ones. but am i the better for it. i can only hope. as for why i am on freindfinder well not for some of the reasons the guys all are but at the same time i have my own. you could say my main reason is to see what i have been missing out on. my ex just sort of laid there why we were making out. my ex girlfriend piled on "ALL"the experimentations on me and didn like taking no for an answer. the girl i am sort of seeing now is willing to take it slow with me but i want to also talk and chat and maybe i say mabe see what else is out there. dont care for the bi guy thing so dont ask. a threesome with 2 girls maybe but unsure. i dont do the bondage (maybe after i learn about it some more). will not hurt another person unless it is to defend my self so the hurting some one els eis out of the question. so i am taking all this nice slow and not rushing. willing to chat listen to most everyone but wanting to stick with the ladies out there so i can find out more about that mysterious creatures called women. i am willing to learn btu dont be pushy cause i am a runner. well that is it for this entry so till next time please dont judge me but take from this what i have been willing to share as just how one little corner of the world can turn this and that. have a great weekend all and light laughter to you all cause we can all use a little something funny in our lives.

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