The Erotic  

rabbit9499 59M
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3/27/2006 3:49 pm
The Erotic

What for you is erotic?
Is it the smell, the taste, the electricty, the tension, the feeling of juices between your fingers?
I crave the erotic! I mean I LOVE IT!
I will share with you something special...
Paris, the Pompidou Centre, I love Art (I am an Artist- no apologies).
Anyway, I am sitting looking at this wonderful, large painting by Joan Miro, when I say large it must be 8mtrs on 4!
Blue, deep blue- floating within the space are Miro's familar forms- it is a Beautiful Painting!
From the left corner a girl, sexy, wearing jeans (more about jeans in later Blogs!).
She walks up to the canvas, hands behind her back, she is petite, the painting seems to engulf her, she leans closer, almost touching the painting, she breathes in as if she is smelling the paint, I hear her exhale across the hall!
God I almost came! I hadn't even had time to get an erection...mindblowing!
No explaination, it was just so incredibly EROTIC!?
Tell me yours, I need eroticism as I need air!
I have other stories!!!All of them true!

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