Chapter 3, Mr. Webmaster  

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Chapter 3, Mr. Webmaster

How duteous should one be in a relationship? The younger we are, the more strictly we make the rules. Only as time passes by, there're things which we can't prevent, there're other people which we can't resist...

I had my first temptation during my first relationship, and it started all from there, that the rules began to break.

It must because I had been spending all the spare time on the Internet besides study and meeting my boyfriend. I somehow enjoyed hiding myself behind the screen and acted like a totally different person on the public BBS. I found it a nice game, and it was save.

Therefore, even the webmaster noticed me, and he invited me out for a coffee. Of course, before everything about me met the reality, I had to tell him seriously that I got a boyfriend and so on.

It turned out the webmaster was an artist. His long curly hair naturally touched his shoulders, his long and thin fingers and the light smell of cigarette were somehow very exotic to me. ( I normally didn't hang out with men who smoke.)

I had never dated an artist before and I was full of curiosity.

I asked:" Can you draw me?"
He answered:" Where do you want to go?"
I said:" Your office." that was supposed to be the safest place, wasn't it?

We got inside his car, and a few minutes later, I realized we were in an empty office-- there were only a few computers lying on each table, but there were no staff at all. I was confused until he told me the ups and downs of his business. And soon we got down to business--

Painting, I mean. He got a pen and a piece of paper. Seriously, he was going to make a charcoal drawing of me. How exciting! But of course I had my dress on. He sometimes looked up at me, and then looked down again and drew seriously. I like men when they look serious. That's very manly.

Time passed by slowly, I finally couldn't help leaning towards him and peeked at the drawing. He noticed that, and suddenly held me by the waist, very tight. I was too surprised and I couldn't breathe. Until his hands, his sexy long fingers went up. I felt his fingertips caressed my flushed skin and stroked my breasts. I could feel his hard, throbbing member against my leg. We both fell on the sofa. He took off my pantie, almost at the same time he searched out a condom in the drawer and before I could say a word he stabbed right inside me. A small cry escaped from my lips. I was so wet and it became really easy for him. He was moving very fast in and out of me, it was very intense, I felt the heat increasing inside me, and finally I cried out as I reached an orgasm.

I pushed him away from me with all the strength I had left inside me. "I hate you!" I cried, "How could you do this to me? I had a boyfriend! And I loved him so much." I ran out of his office...

I stayed in the shower for hours and hours, but I couldn't calm down. The liquid in and on my body, was it water? was it tears? was it sweat? I wish the water could clean my body, clean all the guilt away...

But it never did. It has went too deep. Whenever I was alone and quiet, memories filled up my mind. I was infatuated with the very intensive sex, with a man who was almost a stranger to me. It was just sex. But it felt good.

Finally, I dialed up his number again...

We met for several times since then. Every time about 2 or 3 hours. We had dinner sometimes and met friends of each other's. But nobody knew what we did after we locked ourselves alone inside the empty office. We never kissed each other in the mouth, because he's a heavy smoker, and cigarettes gave him all the inspiration. But I never kissed a smoker, cause I never like bitter kiss; He never asked me for any kiss, because he never kissed a girl he didn't love...

And this continued this way, exciting as always, until I was bored, it ends automatically...

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nette geschichte

dicken kuss

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Hi NasseMaus, da haben die Deutschen dir aber dein Spielchen vermasselt was ????

Na Kopf hoch ....und was neues ausdenken

dicken kuss


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