Chapter 2, Love or Sex?  

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12/22/2005 12:16 pm

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Chapter 2, Love or Sex?

I love sex, but I love "love" more. Making love and having sex, you know the difference. If you don't know, it's hard to explain. Everybody has different experience and different opinion about it anyway. But in my mind: making love is with someone I love, having sex is with someone I hardly know, I also have the feelings in between-- sleeping with a friend, for example, the feeling is complicated.

I've been having sex with my first Hong Kong boyfriend for 3 years, until I left him for a German who made me feel the very first time in my life that I was making love with somebody. But after I realized I hardly know him, because of culture and education background and so on. However, I decided to stay with him cause the love inside motivated me to know more about him.

So, I was attached.

Until 1 year later, I started to feel bored in the relationship. I didn't dare to tell anybody. Will I be one of those bitches who would never be satisfied?

I began to spend most of my mind on the Internet. I read, I wrote and I watched porn; I chatted, I joked and I teased.

I had sex with many different people from the Internet and real life. Some are men, some are women, some are couples...

But I was never really satisfied. After having sex with other people, I always went back to my German boyfriend and made passionate love to him. There's nothing special about him in bed, but there's love, so I'm always satisfied.

Why are there so many people out there looking for sex? And just sex? Aren't they feel bored? For all the people who I slept with, who really knows what making love is about?

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