Shower Awakening.  

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3/14/2006 8:49 am

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Shower Awakening.

You rise from you sleep and prepare yourself for your usual daily shower, not knowing I have something special planned for you this morning. You open the door and enter to find the lights of and the room illuminated by candlelight. Soft music is also playing for your enjoyment. You find a note saying “I hope you enjoy your shower this morning”, signed, “Your Lover”. I overhear you remark….”How Nice”, then turn on the shower. In a moment I hear you enter the shower and begin your shower. I open the door and slip inside, then remove my robe. You hear me enter and say “Thank You, this is very sweet”. I say nothing, but slide back the shower and step into the hot, steamy shower behind you. I place my hands on your shoulders and kiss your neck. You tilt your head over to accept the kiss. “Mmmmmm very nice”, you say. I take the shampoo and pour some in my hands, and then begin to rub it into your hair, massaging you head and running my fingers through your hair. I can tell you enjoy me washing your hair for you by the way you softly sign as I massage your scalp. I rinse the shampoo from you head in the same slow sensuous manner as I washed your hair.
I take some soap and apply it in my hands and then begin applying it too your shoulders and back. My warm lathered hands glide so smoothly over you soft skin. I continue to lather your back and down to your firm round ass. Round and round I lather and massage your skin. You sign at the pleasure of my hands upon you. A bit more soap, and I reach around and lather you chest, then glide down to caress your supple breasts. I cup your breasts an massage the lather in slowly. Your signs begin to deepen. I glide down and lather your stomach and abdomen. The silky glide of my hands over your body is so soothing. A touch more soap and I glide my hands down over you soft sweet pussy, applying generous lather to you sensitive loins. I hear you utter a pleasurable moan. I continue to massage in the lather as I continue down your thighs ever so slowly, then to your calves and finally your feet and toes.
Now I make my way back up your legs with my warm hands massaging your flesh. Slowly up your thighs I proceed. You slightly open you legs to allow me more room. My hands make there way gradually up your thighs until they once again reach you soft wet pussy. I massage your pussy more with my hands, my fingers softly massaging around the lips and then around your clit. I run my fingers gently between the lips and feel you opening up access your sweet inner lips. My smooth well lathered hands glide easily to-and-fro between the lips.
You turn yourself toward me and kiss me passionately, wrapping your arms around my neck and then moving them down to grip my ass. You grip my cock and stoke it up and down, a few times, bringing it to it stiff hardness. I grip your ass with my hands and pull you up toward me. Holding my cock with one hand to guide me inside, you wrap your legs around me. I lean you up against the tile wall. Slowly, passionately I kiss you and slowly fuck you against the cool tile wall, your arms around my neck, and your legs wrapped tightly around my ass. Our slick freshly lathered bodies sliding flesh to flesh against each other, my cock gliding easily in and out, in and out, delving deeply inside your warm moist flesh. The head of my cock firmly massages your sensitive g-spot with every stroke, propelling you deeper and deeper in to senses ecstasy. I can feel your muscles begin to tense as you prepare to take your orgasm. You lift you head and moan as you are take over the edge and released to your pleasure. My hot cum burst from my cock filling you with it’s warm soothing liquid inside you.
You release the grip of you legs around me and slide back into the shower. I gently rinse the soap from your body and then slowly pat you dry with a towel. We have another long passionate kiss before you leave the shower to make ready for the rest of your day.

Fox4aKnight1 43F

3/14/2006 1:00 pm

whata wonderful erotic story ..............makes me wish I could take a shower right now


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