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3/21/2006 11:58 pm

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Interesting Reading.

Well as I set around here recooperating, I don't have much to do but read blogs and profiles. I have been reading profiles and looking at pics from all over the country lately. I must say I have found a couple of things that I had not noticed so much until I really had a lot of time to put on looking at pics and such.

The first is: That the truly beautiful women range from the ages of 32 to 45. These women have taken good care of their bodies. They have developed nice soft round breast and sweet sexy ass. It does not take a hard-body to standout among the crowd like it does for a 20 something. The fact is that these women have learned what it takes to be pleased and how to please their partener and that makes them very sexy.

The 2nd thing I have found is for women posting close up pics of these huge clits. Geesh, looks like a penis there and they pinch it and hold it out like a penis too. Not attractive at all. Megga-Yuck. I like a pussy that looks like a bush more than this. So, do you agree with me, who thinks this is sexy I am not going to post a pic, too disgsting.

On the other side I wish I had a story to write. I am getting some sex drive back, but no energy to go with it. Just will take time. I have been reading one story by southernpeaches about stair sex over and over again. Just can't get enough of it for some reason. Wish it could have been me I guess.

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